Personality: How to build your personality & Be The Best?

Questions often run through my mind: How to build a personality? What are the personality traits and what are the types of personality? What are the personality traits that make a difference to other human beings? This question has been on my mind all my life. For those who succeed, difficulties are no less difficult than for those who fail. What happens to us is not due to our failure. How we understand and don’t understand what actually happens to us is what really makes the difference.

Think of the two horrific accidents that befell W. Mitchell and compare them to John Beloshi’s outward success. The accidents that befell W. Mitchell kept telling him that there was a purpose to these accidents. As a result of internal contact with himself, a sense of belief and values ​​was formed which guided him throughout his life in such a way that he understood and accepted his tragedy as an advantage.

Success Is Traceable

How To Be A Successful Person, Leave These Habits

I learned a long time ago that success is traceable and that people who produce extraordinary results actually do specific things to produce those results. I believe that if I follow or copy other people’s actions closely, I can produce the same quality results that they did. This is called ‘modeling’. You can achieve the same results if you follow the imitations of other people’s specific mental and physical functions. If this is possible for other people in the world, it is possible for you.

Personality Traits In Our Life

Whether you think you can do such and whether you think you cannot do such. You are right.

Rule of mind

The way people organize their thoughts. The mental rule is like code ingredients and order.


Personality Traits In Our Life

Mind and body are completely connected to each other. The way you use your body. The way you breathe and control your body. Your posture and posture, facial expressions, form and quality of your movements, etc. All of these things determine how you are doing. The situation you will be in after that will determine the range and quality of the attitudes you are able to create.

In fact, we are always busy modeling for others. How does a child learn to speak? We live in a culture or environment that is so consistent that what works in one place can often work in another. Remember, those who succeed have less difficulty than those who do. Do not face those who fail. What happens to us does not cause us to fail. What really happens to us, how we understand it and how we don’t, is what really makes the difference. (Henry David Thoreau)

You don’t have to be impressed with all aspects of this person’s life. A person may be quick and smart in terms of business, but his performance as a married man (spouse) may not be so enviable. Or keep in mind that you are looking for great features in it. If you take a closer look, the whole life of every human being cannot be enviable enough to be a role model for you.

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