Parents’ Day: Tribute, Appreciation And Gratitude

Today is Parents’ Day. The day began in 1992 when the U.S. Congress passed a bill that said we have Mother, Father’s Day, but The Day of Parents is not celebrated with such a great deal of celebration. This is how The 26th of July is celebrated Parents’ Day every year.

Parents’ Day Purpose

The purpose of Parents’ Day is to pay tribute to parents. Undoubtedly, the mother and father are the great blessings of nature. They play an important role from birth to education and enabling the child to survive in society. Guide her every step of the way. Dedicate their lives to their children, but sadly, when the same child grows up, she leaves her parents alone.

In Europe, children allow their parents to be admitted to old homes. What will people say … Fear does not leave their parents in old homes what happens to them in their last years? What is the need to prove this? Look around you and see if we are among these disobedient people.

We also leave our parents alone when they need us. However, they have fulfilled all our desires, keeping all their desires unchallenged. When we are old enough to take care of us, they do. Parents’ Day is celebrated in Europe on July 26 to express their gratitude, appreciation and gratitude for their love, service, upbringing, etc.

In Europe, there are many reasons to celebrate these special days, when parents are left in the old house when they are not working. Then the children come with their parents to celebrate the day with bouquets of flowers, eat together, and spend a few hours of a busy life and so on. The majority of our children do not do this with their parents. But sadly, it is true that we still have the same value as parents.

Movies to Watch on the Theme of Parents’ Day

In today’s modern age, the film is also a medium that affects every mind in a very short period of time and influences its attitudes. On Parents ‘Day, you should also watch movies that can help you highlight your parents’ problems and solve them. Believe it or not, countless films are made every year around the world for parents’ issues, awareness and training.

Parental Guidance

Directed by Andy Fickman in 2012, the film is a story about the importance of respecting parents in a humorous way. The film grossed 119.8 million worldwide, which gives you an idea of ​​its popularity.


Directed by two brothers, Derek Martini and Steven Martini, the film effectively portrays the problems and worries of aging parents.


The 2003 Indian film stars parents who are subjected to disrespectful and abusive treatment by their children after their retirement age. But instead of giving up or crying over how they get out of this predicament. This is the highlight of the film, which has many lessons for parents and children.

Mrs. Doubtfire

The film, which humorously portrays parental love and family attitudes, was screened in 1993. In this film, many hidden angles of child training have been revealed.


With over 126 million in business, the comedy-drama revolves around a father who seeks to balance his children’s education and career, and how he can adapt to his goal. Face. It has to do with watching this movie.


Remember … The way you treat your parents today, your children will treat you the same way in the future, so take care now and respect your parents, serve them, so that from their heart Always pray for you. With the service of parents, we can be successful in religion and in the world.

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