Our Home Is More like An Office or a School

For the last 6 months, our home, house is less and the office and classroom are more.

Son’s college online classes are running in the drawing-room and my daughter’s school in the bedroom. The meeting of the wife’s office is going on in the study room while our university examinations are going on in the dining room. As for the elders of the house, they are busy with the situation on a separate mobile phone, sitting in a foreign country with their brother, sister-in-law and other relatives.

When coronavirus patients first appeared in China in December 2019, no one could have imagined that the virus could spread from China to the rest of the world. But we saw that by February 2020, the epidemic had engulfed the entire world, including Pakistan.

In March, educational institutions across Sindh were closed first in view of the growing number of corona patients, and by May, most public places, including offices, wedding halls, entertainment venues, parks, cinemas, places of worship and bazaars, would be partially closed. Somewhere completely closed. Although the situation seems to be improving this month and offices, bazaars and other public places have started to open in stages from August 2020, rumors have been circulating that educational institutions may not be available by the end of this year. Yesterday, but the good news is that all educational institutions will be opened in phases in September.

Story Of My Home

The story of my house I wrote above is not just a picture of a single house, but similar stories have been coming out of every house for the last 6 months. Interesting facts came to light when the views of different people were taken into account.

According to Sana Anwar, an artist and psychologist, Corona influenced different people in different ways. On the one hand, there were those who were so frightened of Corona that their daily routines were almost paralyzed. The majority of them are elderly people, housewives and Corona-infected patients and their families. Fighting this deadly disease, it is natural for these lonely prisoners to experience lethargy, anxiety and mental disorders, and the only way to avoid it is to adapt to changing circumstances.

She goes on to say that on the other hand, there are ‘suicide bombers’ who believe that Corona is just an illusion, a delusion and a conspiracy of the foreign media, so they have taken precautionary measures based on their blind faith. Putting their own lives and the lives of others at stake. The ignorance of such people is a blessing for them and a severe test for those around them. Between these two extremes, there is a clear majority of moderates who, in the post-Corona world, are learning to live with masks, sanitizers and appropriate distances and consider online work, education, shopping and dating to be part of the new normal life.

Work Form Home

Work From Home Day: Idea, Freedom and an opportunity
Work From Home Day: Idea, Freedom and an opportunity

For Shahiruddin, who works in media planning and advertising at a local company, working from the house during Corona has been a painful experience, balancing professional and personal life being the biggest challenge. Especially when the company management is fond of corporate culture and does not differentiate between day and night while working with its employees. In such cases, it is normal to take leave under the pretext of illness, poor performance and stress and tension between the employees and the management in achieving the targets within the stipulated time.

Khurram Sheikh, who is in the teaching field, feels a lack of direct contact and communication with students. He says that teaching and learning in online classes with time and space distances is a tedious and difficult task, but modern technology and a variety of virtual inventions have made it a little easier. But the situation in Pakistan is not good because load shedding is common here and a good network is missing, so the best solution to this problem is balanced and shared use of online and offline education.

Haniya and Bismillah, who have a bachelor’s degree as well as a part-time job at the university, consider the lockdown a blessing that has given them a few moments of peace in their fast-paced lives and they have been able to study and earn a living. Have a standard time with.

Lockdown Gave Them The Break

Drawing Day: What Does This Day Remind Us?

In fact, the majority of working women and men openly stated that despite the Corona epidemic and the associated threat, the lockdown gave them the break they desperately needed.

Conventions of loved ones, friends and co-workers work as oxygen for us, but many times in the race of life and running together, we forget to live and meet ourselves.

But on the one hand, many people are worried that it is difficult to work or run a business from home, and they are facing a lot of difficulties in this regard, but as a result of this lockdown, the number of such people is also increasing very fast. Those who have lost their jobs, those who have lost their businesses, those who used to live a happy life, they are now worried about the bread of two times, those who used to distribute alms and charities, they are now forced to take.

In this regard, Fatima Al-Zahra, a psychology student, says that as a result of Corona, a large number of people in Pakistan, like the rest of the world, have lost their jobs, and the uncertain economic and social situation naturally gives rise to frustration and psychological problems. The process is, in such cases, the support of online support groups is a trophy.

So now we have to understand once again that today’s world is completely different from the past, and if we are to live in this world, the only guarantee of our survival is to adapt to the changing times.

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