Online Or Physical Classroom and My Opinions

In my opinion, physical classrooms are better than online ones. There are many reasons for this. The most important are listed below.


First of all, there are a lot of concerns online. Students can read their messages during class or check Instagram / Facebook posts. If children do these things during class, they will lose their focus. This can be a huge loss for students as they may be deprived of the important information that the teacher was explaining to them while they were using it on their phone, laptop or any other device to access their digital classroom. Check out other things you are using.

Online Or Physical Classroom and My Opinions

Second, people can cheat more in the online classroom than physically. In the physical classroom, the teacher will ensure that no one will see any other child’s paper during a test. However, in an online classroom, the teacher cannot monitor who is sending a text during the test. Therefore, children can easily ask each other about homework or even test answers. It will again be a great loss for those children who cheat and take answers from their peers because they will not be able to learn all the things that were being taught to them.

Moreover, the more time you spend online, the more harmful it is for both your physical and emotional well-being. Spending too much time online can be bad for your eyesight. If you look at any kind of screen on any device, the rays emitted from the screen are harmful to our vision.

Also, spending time online makes us very tired without doing anything physically, which is not especially good for kids who need to be active and play. Spending time online puts all our energy into a hollow problem like a giant monster.


Finally, social skills are a part of our education that is important. In an online classroom, no one learns social skills at all and this is a big loss for us because they teach us how to live with people, a skill that is needed in practical life if someone wants to succeed. Children need to communicate and make friends with other people of the same age. Friends are important because they help you learn to have fun. Without friends, life can be depressing and boring.

Once this coronavirus epidemic is over, we will return to our physical classrooms with full enthusiasm without having to carry the heavy burden of online learning.

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