National Apple Pie Day: Features and Activities

If you ask me, grab a fork and a handkerchief, because today, May 13, is National Apple Pie Day. There is no better way to dip your teeth in fresh apple pie than in the oven. Apple pie day is a good way to eat your apple pie, so take advantage of it.

Of course, this is much more than that. This allows families to enjoy baking together in the kitchen and delicious desserts together. And for many, it’s a work of patriotism.


Apple Pie is not actually an American dish, but it is definitely associated with America now. There is no reason why people around the world can’t celebrate Apple Pie Day. This sweet dish was very famous in countries like England and Holland in centuries, both recipes are centuries old.

Apple pie has been around since the Medieval. A Dutch book, dated 1514, contains a prescription for the Appeltaerten. It consists of a standard pie crust, soft-sliced ​​apple slices, and some tasty spices, especially cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, buttermilk, sugar, and all – cooked in a traditional Dutch oven.

There was also a version of Apple Pie in English, dating back to Chaucer’s time. The English version also recommends adding a mixture of apple and spice to the mixture of orange, mushroom snout.

Traditional Swedish apple slices require bread crumbs or rolled oats instead of pastries and are served with custard or ice cream. In France, apple pie is presented upside down as tarte Tatin. The French also developed their own apple pie, an innovation that added a new dynamic to the flavor. They were the ones who decided to add cheese to their pies, which really provides a surprisingly delicious taste.

In the 17th  century, apple pie was finally introduced to the American colonies. Over time, apple trees (which were not native to the United States) began to grow, making baking much easier. Now, Apple Pie has become part of the American identity, because Apple Pie is the most eaten American in the world.

National Apple Pie Day activities

  • Bake own Apple Pie
National Apple Pie Day Features and Activities

If you want to fully enjoy Apple Pay Day, you’ll have to do two very simple things. First, make an apple pie and the second is to eat it. And if you know someone else who can make pies for you, you can also skip the first step! The best activity is to enjoy delicious apple pie with your loved ones.

The best way to do this is to get some friends together and make multiple apple pies using different recipes and baking methods. This way, you can enjoy the apple pies that are made from many different recipes and can be very fun to eat.

  • Apple Pie Challenge

Since there are many different ways to make Apple Pie, don’t let this opportunity go by hand. Gather some friends together and challenge each one to make a different Apple Pie. When all the appeal is made, come together and test the taste. See which baker comes up. And who wins this apple pie challenge?

  • Order Apple Pie to the restaurant
National Apple Pie Day Features and Activities

If you don’t have a baking mode, you can go out and get an apple pie. Make a list of all the restaurants in your area that make Apple Pie very best, then gather a group of friends and go to that restaurant. Even if you don’t have the style of baking, you can still get an ‘apple pie’ with a little help from your friends.

Why do we love National Apple Pie Day?

National Apple Pie Day Features and Activities
  • Very tasty and delicious

The amazing thing about an apple is that the taste is so neutral that it lends itself to all kinds of spices. Not only does this give the brave chef room a chance to experiment, but it also offers a delicious opportunity for any self-proclaimed meal. They’re a great way to warm up on a cold day, but they’re also perfect for a cold ice cream dish.

  • Part of the National Identity

While it is true that Apple Pie was not originally invented in the United States, it has become part of the national identity beyond your imagination. Not only that, but the various effects of the apple pie represent cultural collaboration and innovation, which in their best form represent American ideas.

  • It’s very easy to make

If you want to make an apple pie, all you need is a pie pastry, some chopped apples, cream, and spices. You can make it a little artist if you want, but you don’t have to go far for delicious ingredients. And despite its basic nature, Apple Pie is loved almost universally, so it will definitely be a delight to your friends at your next dinner party.

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