Most Mysterious Spots In Pakistan

You may have heard of mysterious spots around the world. Most mysterious places are said to be inhabited by fairies, while others are said to be inhabited by spirits. There are most mysterious places where many people claim to have seen some unusual “shadows” or activities.

Did you know that even in Pakistan most mysterious spots have become a symbol of fear because of their mysterious events?

In this way, there will be thousands of most mysterious places in Pakistan which are said to be haunted. Horrible stories about these most mysterious spots are famous. People are afraid to go to these mysterious spots at night. But some of the most famous and mysterious spots are surrounded by heartbreaking stories, unknown fears, mysterious accidents and unique situations and events.

Mount Chiltan

Most Mysterious Spots In Pakistan

Mount Chiltan is the highest peak in the Chiltan range near Quetta (Balochistan), with an elevation of 3194 meters (10479 ft) and the third highest peak in Quetta after Zarghoon and Takhto and the fifth highest peak in Balochistan is counted.

Chiltan is actually a Persian and Balochi word “chahal tan” which means “forty bodies”.

This hill near Quetta is famous for being a mysterious place, where the souls of forty children whose parents left them there to wander alone wander. The locals tell a story about it.

According to the story, centuries ago a poor childless couple was going to an elder for children. The prayer of the elder was accepted and not one or two but 40 children were born to him. The poor couple could not support so many children, so they left one child with 39 children on the mountain. After some time, the woman went to the mountain thinking that the children may have died but they were all alive there. The wife gladly returned to tell her husband and left a child with her on the mountain. Sometime later, when the couple reached the mountain, all the children had disappeared.

This story is true or false. But locals say that even today the screams, screams and cries of the souls of these 40 children are often heard.

Chokhandi Graveyard

Most Mysterious Spots In Pakistan

Chokhandi Graveyard is one of the most Mysterious Spots in Pakistan. Chokhandi Graveyard is located 29 km east of Karachi on the National Highway in Karachi. According to historians, some of the graves in this Graveyard , which is spread over an area of more than two and a half kilometers, are the graves of some tribal chiefs of the sixteenth century AD.

The year-old abandoned cemetery is known for its haunted ghosts. That is why no one dares to go to this graveyard after evening. People living in nearby villages say that as soon as evening falls, mysteries reign here and unfamiliar sounds and monsters can be seen from here. As the sun sets, some of the graves here begin to burn and become very hot. Some say they often hear screams from the graveyard at night. In addition, it is said that many mysterious events have taken place in this cemetery. No one is allowed to visit this cemetery at night as it is not safe to visit here at night.

Mukli Graveyard

Most Mysterious Spots In Pakistan

Located near the city of Thatta in Sindh Province, this cemetery has many stories hidden inside it. It is the largest cemetery in the world which is spread over about 8 km. Some of the graves here are made on floors. There are more than 100,000 graves in this thirteenth-century cemetery, but no one is buried here anymore. Thousands of people visit the cemetery every year to see it. There are many mysterious things about giants and fairies in this cemetery.

Fort Sheikhupura

Most Mysterious Spots In Pakistan

Sheikhupura Fort, located south of Sheikhupura near Lahore, was built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Later during the Sikh rule and British rule also lived here. There was a time when queens and princesses lived in this fort. Now the fort is in a state of disrepair, but no one is ready to rebuild it and no one dares to repair it. Because people think that the spirits of these queens and princesses still come to the castle. According to locals, the spirit of the queen who lived in this fort many centuries ago still lives here and she strongly dislikes the presence of unrelated people.

Lake Saif al-Muluk

On the highway from Balakot to Kagan Valley and Naran, between the snow-capped mountains, at an altitude of 3224 meters (10578 feet) above sea level is a very beautiful lake called Saiful Muluk Lake. Tourists from all over the world come to see it. There is a famous legend about this lake.

This is the love story of a Persian prince and a fairy. It is said that centuries ago a Persian prince Saif al-Muluk and the queen of fairies Badi ‘al-Jamal fell in love with each other.

But some people did not like this love and they killed both of them. And since then she cries remembering her partner. The area around the lake is completely uninhabited. Even today people believe that fairies often land here at night. Some people call this lake a magical lake. It is said that when a blind daughter of a king took a bath in this lake, she regained her sight.

Crematorium Ghat, Hyderabad

Most Mysterious Spots In Pakistan

The crematorium in Hyderabad, where Hindus burn the corpses of their dead. Is claimed to have lost the souls of some of those who have been cremated here. This crematorium is about two and a half hundred years old. The crematorium guards and other staff say that after sunset, many children often come here to play and make strange noises. None of them were ever seen coming through the gate. They did not know these kids don’t know where they come from and start playing and disappear after finishing their game before sunrise in the morning. Mysterious sounds are also heard throughout the night. The children appear where they play and then disappear.

Dalmia Road, Karachi

Dalmia Road, the road connecting Karsaz and Johar, is one of the most famous roads in Karachi. A story has been told about this road from ancient times to the present day. Often a mysterious girl is seen on this road who is a bride and she is dressed in red.

People say that this woman was a dancer in the 60s. He was killed and his body was left on the road. Which tells passers-by to stop for help and suddenly disappears. Some people claim that when they reach Dalmia Road in the middle of the night, for some reason they are forced to stop. After stopping, he sees a bride dressed in a red dress. Who tries to talk to them in a foreign language? The first thought of the driver is that a distressed bride needs help but her appearance changes as soon as she sees it. And she takes the form of a terrible witch. Some even claimed that when he did not stop, the bride followed him and heard his screams. Footage can also be viewed on the Internet. She is called the Bride of Karsaz.

Kala Bagh Dam

You must have read a lot about Kalabagh Dam, which could not be built due to some reasons.

But did you know that the houses built on the site of this long-closed project have now been turned into ruins and haunted bungalows? At the place where this dam was to be built, a mysterious old woman is also found wandering at night.

People who have seen this beautiful witch say that this small, fat body, a long-haired old woman is seen walking there at night.

Hundred year old house in Gujarat

There is a 100-year-old house near Sargodha Road in Gujrat, Pakistan, which is said to be inhabited by a friendly spirit of an elderly man. Yes, but many locals claim to have seen a white man dressed in white in this house. This virtuous old man has never hurt anyone, some local children say that these old men also play with him. Once or twice while playing cricket, the children’s ball went into this house and the old men have returned it.

PChhatal Shah Noorani fish

Most Mysterious Spots In Pakistan

Jhal Magsi District is a district in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Popular areas include Jhal Magsi and Gandhwa (Gandhwa). There is an oasis near Jhal Magsi in Balochistan. Double fish are found in its waters. These fish are said to have been raised by the local Pir Chatal Noorani. The locals forbid the hunting of these fish. And if anyone tries to harm them, the fish will bite and injure them.

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