Mobile And TV: How Did We Live Before That Things

Mobile phones were not invented in our childhood and even as a boy. There was only PTV in the name of TV. Which was ‘black and white’ but because it was official. It showed the government in white instead of black and white.

That’s why stories and children’s magazines were our only source of interest. Because of this interest, many of the characters in the stories became so ingrained in our minds that they cannot be erased.

We thought of the children who have opened their eyes on mobile and TV screens. They did not know that characters. And so that we introduce them to some of the characters of our childhood and boyhood.


He grew up in the jungle and lived there. Tarzan had a personal relationship with every animal in the forest. he could easily communicate with each animal in its mother tongue. He had no regrets that the language of his friend was ‘wild’.

Sometimes, if a hunter came from the city, he would speak English to him. This shows that there was an English teaching center in the forest that taught English in three months. In all the pictures we saw of Tarzan, we found him without a beard or mustache, so it was decided that there was a barber in the forest. Not only the barber, but the pictures in Tarzan’s stories also prove that there was a not tailor in the forest. Tarzan can be seen in short shorts. Although his body was his will, the cloth and the tailor were available. So the brothers would sew all the trousers, but we think that due to some frugality and the rest of them being forced to jump, trap and jump from one tree to another, they considered it appropriate to wear this pair of shorts.

Tot Ba-tot

 Mobile And TV: How Did We Live Before That Things

It was a boy, not a boy who was small and wanted to do big things. He didn’t do big things. For example, ‘he drank soda water. He ate almonds and walnuts’. This food shows that someone rich was the man’s son. Some gestures suggest that his father was a politician. The creator of the character has said ‘the father was his mir slot’. Some researchers say that this slot is actually ‘salute’, whose ‘Y’ was deleted by the poet out of necessity.

The way in which fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and cousins helped in the cooking of toot ba-tot. strengthens the opinion of the researchers and shows that they all considered themselves as ‘one family’. They used to cook kheer ho or kachhari together.

In another poem, it is said that Toot Ba-tot was raising chickens. But what is left now, the problem of Mir Slots profession has been solved.

Imran series

Mobile And TV: How Did We Live Before That Things

No, no, you got it wrong, we are talking about the character created by Ibn Safi. He studied at Oxford University and seemed to. Imran was an expert in martial arts, gymnastics, make-up and imitating anyone’s voice as if he was a master of every art.

He wanted to be known in films because of his abilities. But because of his intelligence, he joined the Secret Service and became its head. He was a strange leader. He did not make plans but the country thwarted the plans of the enemies. Pak Baz could not even take a selfie with a beautiful woman in such a scandal. when mobile phones and the Internet were not invented.

Umer o Ayyar

Like Imran, umer o Ayyar’s profession was espionage. This character has a very long story ‘Talisman Hosh Raba’ and ‘Dastan Amir Hamza’. The authors knew that soon the children would be blown away by the big bags. so they took these characters out of long stories and brought them into children’s short novels. It was as if the original character was Sasha Peck.

He had a basket, from which anything could come out. This is exactly what many of our constitutional experts do. Every politician in our country has such a basket, out of which the letter of the Qatari prince comes out when the time comes. Some politicians want to get a tiger out of their basket, but either nothing comes out or the dug mountain turned out to be a rat issue. It happens. when mobile phones and the Internet were not invented.

Inspectors Jamshed, Mahmood, Farooq, Farzana

Together, these fathers and children would investigate and foil plots and schemes.

Inspector Jamshed was very honest, intelligent and brave, maybe that is why he could not make progress, and he remained the inspector of inspectors. It is said that no police competition was ever made. Until then, when mobile phones and the Internet were not invented, and schools did not give children assignments, etc., the children had only leisure, so Mahmood, Farooq and Farzana did government business with their father. Used to give He cared so much about the nation of the country that he always stayed in school, thinking that if he started studying further, he would not get a chance to serve the country and the nation together with his father. The three children were so intelligent that if they started a business instead of spying, they would give crores of rupees as a gift to their father.

There are other such characters, we will write about them again.

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