Kid Inventors’ Day: Encourage And Appreciate Children’s Ideas

Today’s children’s minds are much better than ours. This means that they can have ideas for practical and useful inventions. In fact, many people think that children have the potential to develop their creativity, especially because they do not yet know how difficult many things are. That is why they are more imaginative than adults. In fact, we enjoy a lot of things on a daily basis that children or teenagers invented. If their creativity does not deserve recognition, what to do? “Kid Inventors’ Day” is the day we honor all the kids who have dared to come up with different ideas than all the adults before them.

History Kid Inventors’ Day

Kid Inventors Day was created many years ago by people who wanted to celebrate the achievements of young inventors as well as inspire more children to be creative.

The date was chosen to celebrate the day, January 17, was no accident. It is the birthday of Benjamin Franklin, a famous polymath, politician and children’s inventor. Because of his countless other accomplishments, many are unaware that when Franklin was just 12 years old, he invented the world’s first swimming flip. Made her a great role model for every child who dreams of creating something she has never dreamed of. Over the centuries, other children have invented many other things that we continue to use today. For example, papules, trampolines and earmuff. One of the most inspiring inventions of any child. Now the language of blind people around the world, Braille. Louis Braille, its inventor, lost his sight in a tragic accident at the age of 3 and spent his early teens developing his new language while studying at The National Institute for the Blind Youth in Paris.

Nearly 200 years later, American teenager Ryan Peterson also improved the lives of people with disabilities. He invented a glove with special sensors that translate the hand movements of the American Sign Language into words written on a digital display.

How To Celebrate That Day

In the event that you have kids, Kid Inventors Day can without much of a stretch become quite possibly the most instructive and fun days to go through with you.

Children’s minds are infinite with the knowledge of what is possible and what is not. Who knows, maybe you are deliberately living under the same roof as a potential Ben Franklin.

If you live near a museum, Kid Inventors Day is also a good day to take your kids there.

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