Kid Are Disturbed By 8 Habits Of Parents

In this way, Kid is continually learning something from the adults around them, but the seven habits of the parents and family can cause anxiety or stress in Kid. It has been observed that Kid who experiences these eight habits in childhood grows up to be more stressed or anxious than other Kid. There may be a decrease in their personality and stability. Kid reflects on their father and mother, even when they are crying. At any time you can take a hard look at them, their reaction will show how much they look at you.

Do they try to repeat what their father or mother said or did?? Can’t say for sure but maybe yes. We think we are teaching them, but they themselves are learning a lot from us. Even when we think they are not looking at us. Because they are by no means weak listeners, they feel everything with their agility.

Dr. Zubair Khan of the Montefiore School of Health Program says: Or whatever they feel, Kid is very good imitators. It is also true that they do not always see their parents doing good things; they learn less when we are doing the best we can. So, unfortunately, we continue to teach our Kid bad things, such as getting angry over trivial things, speaking in a sharp tone. If a father thinks that his child is not learning, he is mistaken. It’s inevitable, he’ll do it. “

According to psychologists’ Research

Kid Are Disturbed By 8 Habits Of Parents

In the light of psychologists’ research, it can be said that “where can a father become a good role model for his child and take him to the heights of the horizon.” Instead of breaking her son’s heart, Edison called him the best child, and it was that wise mother who took him to the heights of the horizon. As you know, Edison was a weak student at school, in the eyes of the teacher.

One day the principal wrote a letter to the mother saying that your son is not fit for the school and enroll him, take him away. Mom read the letter Edison asked Mom what she wrote. The mother said, “Son! The principal says that this school is not suitable for the son to be admitted to another school. This mother proved that Edison was not fit for the school. There is so much that parents can do. Edison never forgot his mother’s wonderful words: “My mother is my kingmaker.” So don’t wait for a kingmaker, there is a kingmaker hidden inside every mother and every father, use it.

Parents Talk Less To Each Other

Apparently, there is no abomination in it, but experts say that when a child does not exchange his thoughts in front of his parents, he does not learn the process; it is a habit to hide his words and speak less. He also cannot express his feelings openly. When Kid doesn’t even learn to express them, how can they communicate in a healthy way? This habit can make them sad, meaning that instead of sharing their grief with anyone, they will keep digging inside. The cure for this is that if you see that your spouse has a problem, you should solve their problem.

Strengthen Anger

Psychologist Chloe Carmichael writes in his book “Nervous Energy: Make Anxiety Your Power” that “everyone can get into trouble, anxiety, pressure or anger but you can make it your strength.” For example, if someone’s son is crushing toys on the floor, it is possible that he will pick them up and throw them out the window. It is not a good thing. Because the child did not see the fermentation that was going on inside you before this process, he only saw the process of throwing the toy out, from which he learned. When you are angry, first share your thoughts with the child and restrain him.


Child psychologist Dr. Amy Nasamran says, “It is not good to swear in front of Kid again and again. This should be avoided. Because when the father swears repeatedly to convince someone, the child thinks that maybe people do not trust his father. It also shakes the child’s confidence.

Don’t Admit Your Mistake

Some people think that admitting a mistake weakens the power, but it doesn’t. When a father insists on his mistake while talking to someone in front of the child, the child also understands what is happening. Why is it important to admit mistakes? Therefore, this is the first step towards reform. When no one admits wrongdoing, he closes the door on self-correction. His son learns the same thing. Doing so may reduce the ability to solve the problem.

Excessive Anxiety, Worry

Parents care a lot about their Kid; they love their Kid so much. According to experts, “to some extent anxiety is correct, it teaches the child that he is the apple of the parent’s eye, but with excessive anxiety, he can lose his confidence. Kid need to learn that they can “solve their problems easily. If you try to get them to fix everything, they may not be able to learn to deal with it themselves.”

Keep Moving Things!

Some people keep moving around in the world of anxiety and think that this will solve every problem, from this the Kid learn how much the father is upset or in trouble. The child behaves in a similar way at home instead of expressing his problem. Parents do not understand that something has happened to her at school or that her friends have disturbed her. Because the child saw the world quietly playing with something instead of sharing things in a bad mood or anxiety, he did the same thing unconsciously or consciously. In this regard, you should constantly ask your Kid if they have any worries or worries.

Frequent Use Of The Phone

At home, when your eyes are fixed on the color-changing screen of the telephone, then the child is also looking for your attention. Most of your son’s time was spent on the telephone. He understands that you are not his first priority or that you are not fully focused on him. They may even lose interest in you. So give your kids free time throughout the day when the phone is ringing and the file is not in hand and you are not turning the pages of a book. That time belongs only to your son or daughter.

Emotions Control

Experts say that it can be a natural process for a parent to get emotional about anything at home, but it is not good for the child. Behave. When a parent talks loudly about something, the child can do the same.

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