Junk Food Day: What Would You Like To Eat?

Junk Food Day gives you the freedom to eat the junk food of your choice today. Junk food can cause health problems. After all, you know what’s best for you.

Junk Food Day is a day that can help you break down nutrients that you don’t normally do. Junk food, by their definition, contains a lot of calories, salt, sugar, and fat, and they are very nutritious. You might think that it does no good for the day because it is dedicated to junk food.

However, if you follow a healthy diet, eating junk food for a day won’t do anything. In fact, it is encouraged, because it means you will eat healthy for the rest of the time, right? Sure, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to embrace Junk Food Day altogether.

Who Made Junk Food Day?

Searching for the date behind this food-filled day, we have a tendency to found no data regarding the origin of the day. It was probably created by a food-conscious person or group who wanted to eat junk food at least one day a year without any guilt; this is a great idea for me. It needs a congressional act to become a ‘national’ day. I don’t mind celebrating it anyway.

Junk Food Day: What Would You Like To Eat?

What about junk food? When did it begin entering our lives? Well, this coincides with the advent of packaged foods in the late nineteenth century. Indeed, for decades, home-cooked food was still standard. However, after WW2, junk foods really started to hit the market.

The population was traveling more and eating more, and as a result, fast-food chains and frozen food aisles were really helpful. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s that junk food began to deteriorate. That’s when microbiologist Michael Jacobson coined the phrase. The goal was to suppress our appetite for high-preservatives, high-salt, and high-sugar foods, which we are eating at alarming rates.

Since then, there was an increasing number of data approximately junk food, and plenty of food. Many food developers have tried to create healthier versions of junk foods that we love the most! Even so, if you have to eat frequently and still maintain a generally healthy diet, this shouldn’t hurt you. Anyway, we all deserve a treat over and over again, right?

Ways To Celebrate This Day

Junk Food Day: What Would You Like To Eat?

Celebrate this wonderful day by eating any sweet or savory food of your choice! Bake cakes, make cookies, bake some popcorn, and buy some of your favorite candies. Invite friends and bring them your favorite things and make junk food buffets and spend the rest of the day watching movies. You always have some fast food for fun. Take a cheating day out of your diet and eat dessert for dinner.

Consider attempting a few junk meals from different countries. Making fun candy in Japan is a special skill that you have to combine. Check out online to see if you can order special junk food for the day. To name a few, Korea has Cheung Woo Pumpkin Candy.

In Ukraine, there is Mr. Fuzzy, a little hard candy that fizzes in your mouth. In Japan, Unican Makita melon milk candy is a chewy candy with a melon flavor. Spain, they have Violetas, a natural violet derived from sugar. In Poland, they have a Crimson Welfare chocolate bar called Prince Polo, made by Olda.

Another way you can celebrate Junk Food Day is to make your own version of your favorite snack. For example, instead of going to KFC, why not try making your own South Fried Chicken? There are so many great recipes for junk foods these days. In fact, you’ll find that there are some weird creations here, including different and unusual burger recipes and much more.

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