Is Happiness The Secret To Living A Beautiful Life?

Happiness is the secret to all Beauty. There is no Beauty without Happiness……

Being Happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. This means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfect.

You must have come across millions of such quotes which will arise thousands of questions in everyone’s minds.

Am I happy?

What makes me happy?

Is happiness found in things?

Is my happiness forever?

How can I make myself happy? Etc. etc…..

Is Happiness The Secret To Living A Beautiful Life?

Don’t think of them as just questions but as SELF ANALYSIS. According to a survey 87% of people are unhappy, quite a big number…. And those who are happy are only because they are able to fulfill their requirements financially, meaning they are financially strong. I am sure a profound urge will arouse in you AM I HAPPY???????????? This is not just a question but the building of your life stays on this first brick.

LIFE Is All About TIME

Almighty has given this life to us for once and LIFE is all about TIME. If this time is just passing then it’s useless. The average life of a person is 65-70 years. You can count months, days and seconds of your life and the moments in which you were sad, disappointed and depressed are wasted, passed uselessly. Have you ever heard someone saying ‘I am 37, I have wasted all of my life’….. Have you ever tried to hold sand grains in your hand and clutched your fist tightly? Sand grains had to drop down from pours of fingers.

Yes! In the same way, life has to move on…. And make sure it passes happily but if it’s passing in worry, depression and disappointment when you are in Big Big trouble. Those who think that money is the source of happiness then they must have heard the stories of the millionaire committing suicide. Have you ever thought WHY?

Definition of Happiness

Is Happiness The Secret To Living A Beautiful Life?

I guess I have brought you to a point to make you think, what makes me Happy?????
Every person is unique in this world. Even the siblings are two poles apart. Everyone picks his/her own definition of Happiness. For me, Happiness might be sitting in seclusion with a cup of tea. And for you, Happiness might be holding a cat in your lap. For someone, it might be laying down and staring at stars. Maybe a smile of a child makes someone’s day, good food, reading a book, net surfing, spending time with your kids, siblings and parents make someone happy. Happiness is a MINDSET. Happiness is the attainment of satisfaction within you.

It all depends on you, how you make your present and future happiness. If you will stay in your past, lamenting and complaining about what you don’t have; will never make you happy or give you satisfaction. For me, HAPPINESS is my CREATIVITY. Creativity is doing something productive, constructive and making a positive difference in someone’s life through your skills. This will give you a sense of achievement; that you are not wasting your life; letting your mind flourish and not stuck in your past and eventually, learning new things.
In this beautiful world search for the DIAMONDS around you. Only you can decide what diamonds mean to you but surely diamonds make everyone HAPPY.

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