Independence Day: The Day of Renewal of the Covenant

Independence Day is the day of the New Testament renewal. I am proud to be Pakistani. This homeland is my identity, my identity and my honor all over the world. The word “Pakistani” is related to a butterfly’s wings, a bird’s flight, and a person’s own name.

This recognition was acquired by my father’s after great efforts, struggles, and sacrifices, and now it is as important to me to maintain it and to be proud of it as to understand my right to the inheritance and legacy left by my fathers. And why only me, this is the right of every person who is born in this kingdom of God and has this identity with him.

 In the last 72 years, the generations that have been born and raised in this country have undergone many changes in their thinking, understanding and ideas, of course, to a large extent the situation in Pakistan, events in different periods, political, social, And economic problems and situation and non-provision of basic facilities and daily problems are largely involved in the process.

Independence Day and Today’s Generation

Today’s generation loves Pakistan, of course, it is something that is in their blood and guts, but the passion and love of love that we used to see in the previous generation to the point of insanity, is missing today.

 Some wise man says that love demands sacrifice, love is indifferent to reward, and love is the name of giving and being given. And if tested from this aspect, the first question that arises is, what are we giving to this country? Before asking this question at the collective level, let’s ask ourselves this question individually.

 Commenting on the cleanliness, filth, and incompetence of local bodies across the country, we ourselves are among those who, while traveling in a car, open the window and throw the wrappers and bags out on the road. When we get stuck in a traffic jam and say bad things to the traffic police, we ourselves stop several vehicles and find a way out first. Calling bribery bad and cursing the officers and institutions who take bribes, instead of issuing driving licenses, passports or other documents ourselves, even issuing challans for violating traffic signals (which is our fault) is bribery. Are willing to give.

Quality Of Education And Educational Institutions

We mourn the difference in the quality of education and educational institutions. Instead of changing the system itself, we are the greatest means of promoting the culture of coaching centers and private tuition. As well as shedding tears over the power crisis, we are also the ones who run the AC in our homes on the Kanda system and commit power theft.

 The majority may not agree with me and blame the incompetence of the governments of the past, apart from their policies, for all these problems. I do not disagree with the point that this is also a clear fact, but at the same time, I am not ashamed to say that as Pakistanis, we have all been neglecting our national and civic duties and now this matter is reaching the extreme limits of seriousness.

 And if we look at the root causes of this negligence, the first thing that comes to my mind is that we have stopped understanding this country as our own. We, as individuals, consider only the walls of our homes as our own and what is happening and what should happen outside these walls, we do not understand the importance of our role in it and we do not want to make it important. Far from considering the country as our responsibility, we may have given up on it. How can we neglect our duties by placing the responsibility for everything on others, on institutions, on society, on the media, on political leaders, and on the government?

The First and Foremost Step Towards Solving Problems

The first and foremost step towards solving problems is to understand our role and importance in this setup of society. As we play our individual role, we will have to see how positive changes can be made to this system. It is easy to say, “Nothing can happen to this country now,” but taking the first step to correct this deterioration is a difficult step, which certainly requires a lot of courage, patience, and perseverance. And this step can be taken only by those who have the spirit of true love for this country, who know this identity and this identity even closer to their veins.

Independence Day Message

The 73rd Independence Day is approaching, so why not ask yourself on this occasion if we are proud to be Pakistani? Or do we really want to be proud of that identity? If the answer is yes, rest assured that the path is clear and the destination is near. Get up! And on this Independence Day, renew your commitment to your country and nation as well as to yourself that “this country is ours, we are its guardians”.

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