How Will Ramazan Be Celebrated Around The World?

The joys of Ramazan have begun around the world. Nearly 1.80 billion Muslims around the world are enjoying the blessings of this holy month. It is a month of worship, charity and almsgiving. People also get more opportunities to meet each other during this month. They pray for their mercy on the graves of their departed loved ones. Mercy also increases charity for the sake of God. This time the word “redemption” has also become our identity in the world media. Foreigners say “Muslims are also at the forefront of financial and food aid for the poor.”

With the advent of Ramazan, many countries have changed their work schedules. Office hours in many Gulf countries, including the United Arab Emirates, have been reduced to two hours. In addition to the change in the schedule of transport (including buses and boats), parking fees have also been abolished during Taraweeh. The rulers of Sharjah and the UAE have pardoned 206 and 439 prisoners, respectively. In some Islamic countries, foreigners have also been asked to refrain from eating and drinking in public places and playing music in cars or at home, out of respect for Ramazan.

Ramazan In UAE

How Will Ramazan Be Celebrated Around The World

An order has been issued in the UAE that if more people are given iftar in violation of Corona SOPs, heavy fines will be imposed, even inside the offices and during video meetings. Fasting people and non-fasting people have been asked to refrain from arguing with each other, otherwise, the law will come into force.

The government has also said that Ramazan is a month of worship, so institutions and individuals should take care of Muslims and give them a chance to worship. Non-Muslim-led organizations have also been barred from holding meetings during Iftar. The government of an Islamic country has put forward a strong proposal, saying, “If you think that doing the work of caring for one another is tantamount to caring for it, please do so and bear the workload of the fasting people.”

Institutions of non-Islamic countries also stand with Muslims in this act of goodness. While the British public health agency National Health Services has congratulated Muslims on Ramazan, it has also provided health tips, the agency said in a special message. Coronavirus is coming in the era, so we all need more caution, we will be vigilant to help in any way. He also said that in case of corona or its symptoms, the concerned institutions and religious personalities should be contacted immediately and necessary precautions should be taken.

The United States and the United Kingdom In Ramadan

How Will Ramazan Be Celebrated Around The World

I liked one thing about some of the firefighting agencies in the United States and the United Kingdom. They have offered their services to avoid any kind of fire or accident during the preparation of Sehri. As the Deputy Director of Fire and Squeeze Operations at Lancashire puts it: “First of all, our best wishes are with you, and we are here to help in case of any danger. Fatigue can also lead to an accident, in which case contact us.

Local authorities have assured in special letters addressed to Muslims that “it is good that the fasting people will prepare sehri at night.” But don’t worry, they won’t be alone, we’ll be awake at night too (God forbid) but in case of any accident or fire you will definitely let us know, we will be there to help you. We’ve changed our duty time to meet your needs. ” Meanwhile, a number of global business companies have launched Hilal Food packages for Muslims, in which the necessities of the week can be found at a lower price.

Ramazan Package

How Will Ramazan Be Celebrated Around The World

Chicken meat is becoming as expensive as goat meat in our country. But a large American company has significantly reduced its prices in the Ramazan package. Inflation in Pakistan, if they come to their senses, then perhaps the prices will go down here as well, it is unlikely.

In CBC News, Kashmala Fida sheds light on Islam and the religious fervor in Ramazan in Canada. She writes: Canadian children celebrate the arrival of Ramazan at home. Censor’s two sons completed the crescent before the arrival of Ramazan after several days of hard work. Most Muslims in Canada decorate their homes inside or outside before the arrival of Ramazan. The green color reflects the love for the Pakistani flag. The memory of his beloved Pakistan never left his heart for a single moment.

Ramadan In Canada

Like last year, this Ramazan will not be as successful in Canada. However, mosques will continue to flourish. The government, along with Corona SOPs, has allowed mosques to open. People say, “Mosques are the house of God. There we will have the opportunity to meet each other. In this way, mosques are also a means of enhancing mutual relations and social interaction. There we are aware of each other’s sorrows and joys.” Which gives us the opportunity to share with them. Mosques are like souls in Islamic society.

Now let’s go to Malaysia. TN Algesh’s article shows that Ramazan bazaars are not only the identity of our country. But they are also exclusively held in many other countries, including Malaysia. There they aim to provide a fresh and all-important item in one place. There are long lines of 65 beautifully decorated Ramazan bazaars in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and 30 beautifully decorated bazaars in Pahang.

Ramadan Bazaars

Ramazan bazaars are also being set up in other cities. Where Corona SOPs must be banned. To ban SOPs here, traders have been told that in case of violation, only these business licenses will be revoked. That is why everyone is scared. However, the management of these markets has also made it possible for the public to shop online. State Housing and Local Government Committee Chairman Datuk Abdul Rahim said, “Violators will not get a second chance.” Special plastic barriers have also been erected between the two buyers to keep a distance of six feet.

In a world plagued by the coronavirus, Muslims are paying the utmost importance to “serving the people” after worshiping God this Ramazan. In the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, France, and African countries around the world Muslims have decided to help the poor without discrimination.

Also in Singapore, too, Muslims have raised funds to help the poor. In Singapore, Rabia Hamid, along with other women, started the process of providing free food ten years ago. Now it is there in front of the world in the form of a powerful system. Marali Ply, a Member of Parliament for the area, distributed Ramazan vouchers and congratulated everyone on Ramazan. Muslims in other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Turkey, have also increased aid in groups.

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