How Negative Emotions Lead To Destruction In Our Life

Man is a prisoner of emotions. If we pay attention to every emotion, it has different effects on human beings. Some emotions are hard as rocks and some are soft like mud. People like to live within these emotions and live their lives accordingly. There are different types of emotions. Today we will talk about negative emotions. How negative emotions cause destruction.

What Are Negative Emotions?

Negative emotions are feelings that make you sad and depressed. These emotions make you unwelcome in the eyes of yourself and others. It is given to someone who is acceptable to someone else. Every human being’s emotions are different and every emotion has some or other reason. The environment has a lot to do with human emotions. It is our environment that shapes our emotions, both negative and positive. For example, if a sensible person shows a feeling of grief in marriage, people will call it a negative act, because that feeling is negative.

It can be said that every human being wears different types of spectacles which sees different concepts and observations with his own eyes. Consider some institutions and organizations where employees are promoted on the basis of personal relationships, then this process is different. Creates negative emotions for staff. This whole situation creates negative emotions in a person. The environment of that organization or organization becomes unbearable for the staff. As the mental stress of a person increases, his attention is distracted and he cannot work independently.

Can Negative Emotions Be Seen?

The answer to the question of whether negative emotions can be seen or not? If so, we can look at them in different ways that describe a situation. Abuse, humiliation, harassment, honor killings, torches and all forms of violence including cultural violence are a form of negative emotions. Discouraging someone in a professional career is a form of negative emotion. Most people ignore such aspects within society but it plays an important role in creating negative emotions in the other person’s mind. The consequences of negative emotions can be described as street crimes, rape, murder, drug trafficking, and many other activities that destroy human lives and violate international human rights.


Individually, negative emotion have effects because they are responsible for destroying the peace and stability of states within the world. These are the negative emotion that destroyed the peace of the regions in the world. We have many examples in the world system, including wars, which are the result of negative emotion. The First and Second World Wars, in which billions of people lost their lives, is found in the minds of various leaders due to negative emotion. Genocide, including the Holocaust. The Armenian genocide and the Rohingya genocide in Myanmar are the worst consequences of negative emotion in real life.

As I said before, the environment has a lot to do with human emotions. If the environment in which a person is brought up from childhood is negative, then surely a tendency of negative emotion will develop in a person. Childhood experiences are sexual and aggressive that promote negativity within the child. Childhood training stays with him until adolescence. Negative attitudes create negative emotion in other people.


I will conclude by saying that it is the communication and acceptance of another’s point of view that can help eliminate the negative that promotes negative emotion. In addition, encouraging and positive activities such as counseling and helping each other can bring harmony between the world and the people living in this home.

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