How 3D Printing Will Radically Change The World

This technological advancement that 3D printing has given to the world should not be underestimated. The total number of 3D printers sold more than three times from 2014-2017 and is still growing rapidly. It is predicted that by 2022, the 3D printing market will be worth about 30 billion.

3D printing has the potential to replicate almost anything and is presented as a more promising and broader technology that could change our world forever. From healthcare to construction, from food to art, 3D printing is playing a growing role in our lives.

Why 3D Printing On Traditional Techniques?

3D printing replicates objects quickly and efficiently and thus traditional technology and old methods cannot be easily maintained. Making less waste material and delivering a finishing product that is usually lighter, more durable and faster. 3D printing saves costs, leading many companies to sustain their future.

How Can This Change The World?

Aviation And Automotive

The aviation and automotive industries are increasingly using 3D printing capabilities to allow rapid prototyping.

The ability to assemble parts that used to take a lot of manufacturing time, either because of the material or the technique, has a huge impact on their production and labor costs. With the ability to make a complete car or rebuild obsolete parts, 3D printing is becoming a valuable tool.

Leading aerospace equipment is using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology for manufacturing, building, development and testing purposes. NASA has already advanced the use of 3D printing in space with Zero-G technology.

Health Care

Healthcare industry scientists are already able to make prosthetics at a lower cost than their traditional counterparts. Both cost savings and better productivity have changed lives so much more than ever before. The ability to make artificial limbs for transplant patients has already saved countless lives and opened up unimaginable possibilities in the medical world. It seems we can see a revolutionary new approach to our medical care and survival rate.

In fact, future experts believe that we have the potential to survive more than 100 years, and this will be a very different experience for us today. With technology that is already capable of printing the skin, it is already theoretically possible to transform organs from a throbbing heart and a layer of layers. We can find ourselves with a complete 3D rebuild that keeps it alive for a long time.


Many traditional methods of construction and manufacturing will become obsolete. While companies are replacing 3D printing as a more efficient way to manufacture their first manual labor parts, it is enabling them to repair and recreate obsolete machine parts and improve their product designs. Take a look at things that weren’t possible before.

3D printers are able to build entire homes more cheaply and with less effort than traditional methods. We can see ourselves in all the 3D created towns and cities in a few years.

Increasing the 3D printing capability and the capabilities it offers, including the ability to use selective laser centering to make more robust parts, means more companies are able to manufacture goods domestically. Eliminating the need to source or manufacture parts and products abroad allows them to have more flexibility and control over their production timetables and costs. It can also have a positive effect on the environment with no waste material and low mileage.

Food And Agriculture

The ability to reproduce food and animals is one of the most troubling or highly debatable abilities, and where we can’t live to see the full effect. Future generations will not see the full range of cow and beef burgers on the farm. In the UK, we have already made a 3D-printed hamburger. We only print on the demand for the food we eat.

One thing is for sure, whether you agree or not, 3D printing is changing the world. Although you may not feel comfortable changing some of the traditional ways of producing 3D printed food, or the things we use. Many other technological advances that we are seeing will definitely be beneficial.

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