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Good Will Hunting Review Of This Film

Good Will Hunting is one of my favorite movies. Everyone should watch this movie. Let’s start a review of this film for the readers.

The highlight of Good Will Hunting film is that it was co-written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. Both were awarded Oscars for their story. The film was included in a total of 9 Oscar categories. The Hollywood reporters list also ranks Good Will Hunting film 53rd out of 100 best films.

The story is about Will Hunting (Matt Damon), a 20-year-old Boston boy. Which is a useless but genius? He does very little work and spends most of his time with his wandering friends. No one knows who he is or why he is alone.

Good Will Hunting Review Of This Film

Will Hunting is a boy who can’t be influenced by anything in the world. He believes that knowledge is not obtained from colleges and universities. For this, it is enough if you just read the good books available in libraries. He demonstrates this in a brief discussion with a Harvard graduate British student at a bar, and when he asks him a question, Will answers him, citing books in his syllabus. And at the same time, he says that this answer is wrong, because another professor has written it in a different way in his book. And then he says that when you go to the next class and read such and such a book, you will know that this second answer is also Is wrong.

In the same way, one day in your life you will realize that you have spent millions of dollars for reading and transcribing from books which you could also get from the public library.

But I will have a Degree

The boy says it. But I will have a degree. I will own a restaurant where you will work as a waiter.

Will laughs when he hears this. Maybe even so. But at least I will remain ‘original’.

Will Hunting cleans up at a college where a math professor, Lambeau, challenged a meth student to respond by putting a difficult math problem on a notice board. Will writes the answer while solving this difficult theory. The Math professor is amazed.

Professor Lambeau looks for Will. He finds out that Will has been arrested due to a quarrel. He goes to court where Will is fighting his own case. But the judge sentenced him to a fine of 50,000 and imprisonment. Professor Lambeau appeals to the judge and makes an offer to Will that he be released on bail if Will works with him on advanced meth theories. The judge agreed on the condition that Professor Lambeau -Will also conducts a therapist session.

Upon release, Will Math works on theories but adds to the anxiety of the therapist.

In his therapy sessions, his therapists are alarmed by his mentality. Instead of his treatment, he starts to tell the weak side of their personality.

Professor Lambeau finally introduces Will Hunting to his old friend Professor Sean (Robin Williams).

Will’s first meeting with Professor Sean is ridiculous.

Will first dismisses his box collection in his room as nonsense, and then sees a painting by Professor Sean and comments on it.

The boat that fell in the storm … and the man sitting on top of you … you seem to be in a lot of trouble … It looks like this painting…you got married to the wrong woman…Who left you…Maybe ran away with someone…This is your problem’

Professor Sean Get Angry

Professor Sean Would Get Angry at his comment and takes him out of the room.

It seems that Professor Sean and Will will never meet again. But the next day the professor himself comes to see Will.

And this is the scene from the movie which is one of my favorite movie scenes. This piece of the film changes our general view about ‘life and knowledge’.

This huge impact will have an effect on Will and then the lull of Will Hunting in the film ends. He learns from Professor Sean and improves his life.

The film tells us that a lot of biblical knowledge alone is not enough for life. And a lot of intelligence is useless if it doesn’t determine the right path or its purpose.

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