Golden Friends: Choose From Your Friend’s List & Stay Bless

There are two types of people in my relationship, one I call black friends, one white, but I like golden friends.

One day a teacher pasted a large piece of white paper on the wall and put a dot with a marker in the middle of the card.

At that point they asked the understudies, “What do you see?”

They all said in unison: “A black dot.”

Expressing surprise, the teacher asked everyone: “You are doing great! Such a big white paper with its entire luster and the entire atmosphere in front of your sight, but you can clearly see a little black dot? ”

My friends who compliment me are my white friends and those who are always criticizing and blaming me are my black friends … and I like golden friends.

Golden Friends Also Point Out Flaws With Praise.

Golden Friends Choose From Your Friend's List & Stay Bless
Golden Friends Choose From Your Friend’s List & Stay Bless

Some people talk about their friends’ faults in the name of humor. They are actually black friends and they are not joking. Black friends are also sincere but most of them are hypocrites because sincerity is to tell the defect in solitude but when the defects are mentioned in the party no matter what the form is it is a sign of blackness.

In fact, in the society we are a part of, there is a great lack of training. I have heard that many relationships and loves are like the movie world, as it is said in friendship nowadays, we are friends and in friendship, No Thanks … No sorry … This is a movie dialogue while the friend has the most right to thank him for the good and apologize for the mistake. These 2 things are the fertilizer and water for a beautiful relationship.

This should be taken care of in a golden relationship and by following it; “golden friends” are formed quickly. Remember my word, the one who can’t say thank you has very few friends. Make friends around you that you appreciate, and they appreciate you too. Means “Golden Friends”.

White And Black Friends

White and black friends can be found anywhere. The honor that is given for one’s own sake is not honor but hypocrisy. As for the language of the people, there is some reality, some myth. You can remove these black dots from your white character sheet.

Now the question is how to dress the character brightly, it comes from following the advice and words of parents and teachers. If you absorb them, believe me, you will be characterized by a bright character. Tears come to my eyes when today’s child says Mom Dad is illiterate.

O cruel children of a new civilization, remember, parents, are never illiterate. You study from the world’s largest university, literature lessons, respect, love notebooks, ease and love sharing courses are taught at their class. They know the reality of time; they know what time is and how to live in it. Wear bright clothes, have bright characters, make bright friends, appreciate the good, thank the blessing. Insha Allah, there will be no stain on your character.

First of all, “Become a Golden Friends”, Allah will give you your valuable and quality friend. Start the journey of reform on your own. In our society, there are many people who are looking for a good friend. But there is a significant shortage of people who are good friends.

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