French Fries Day: Would you like fries with it?

French Fries day, July 13, recognizes an important meal on menus across the country. It comes in many different cuts and styles, with one a favorite for everyone to enjoy. It is estimated that Americans consume 20 to 30 pounds of fries per person each year. When you think of all the ways to eat fries, it increases exponentially. They are easy to work with, whether they are straight from a fast-food French fries container or you specialize in making fries at home. Whether or not add in all these different spices, and these easy potatoes become even more popular.

I like the fries. I really can’t imagine people who don’t love French fries. Are there any such people? If so, they are not my friends. My mom still makes fries at home and I love to eat them. Dipping fries in ketchup has its own flavor.

French Fries Day Activities

In honor of French Fries Day, I thought I’d share some activities here at Urdu Fox where I like to talk about fries. Are you ready?

Try Them with a New Joy

French Fries Day: Would you like fries with it?

Americans usually eat French fries with ketchup. But consider experiencing the joy of another culture on French Fries. In the UK, people eat fries with malt and vinegar. You will use melted butter and sugar on your fries in Vietnam. Who knows you might find a new favorite.

Try a New Dish with Your Fries

Most people salt their French fries and leave it at that. But you can sprinkle all kinds of buttermilk on French fries, giving them a unique flavor. Some people like to use cage cooking with fries for example. Apply the right spice, and, as soon as they look bland, you may decide to leave them dumping in ketchup.

Making Your Own Fries At Home

you can celebrate French Fries Day as an excuse to try making some fries at home. It can be a messy process, but you can try some variations and seasons.

Some Restaurants Offer Free French Fries

Some different restaurants offer free fries with food purchases or using digital coupons. We don’t believe people need an excuse to eat more, but it does work for free.

French Fries Look Great With Almost Anything

Of course, French fries and burgers are a part of the American diet. But fries taste great in many different types of food, including sandwiches, steaks, and even eggs. People also taste fries in many other spices, including delicious field salad dressings, mustard, and even milkshakes. As strange as it sounds, some people even eat it straight away.

Many Types of Fries

There are also many types of fries, which are popular in fast food restaurants. There are waffle fries, steak fries, curly fries, crank cut fries, home fries and pitcher fries. We do not recommend testing every variation on French Fries day. But we will not discourage those of you who like the challenge.

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