Story Time

Flags: Grandma, Children And Pakistan

“Uncle!” How much are these flags worth? ”Nadia asked holding a packet of flags in her hand.

“One hundred rupees …” There are a hundred flags in each packet, the shopkeeper replied, handing out flags to the other children.

“They are expensive. Make some concessions! “

‘‘No! If you want to take it, take it, otherwise … Your will. ”The shopkeeper flatly refused.

“Okay! If we buy this flag and these two badges, how much will charge? ”Said Nadia’s younger sister Shazia.

“By the way, three hundred rupees are made. But you pay two hundred and fifty rupees. ”The shopkeeper said boredom

Nadia gave the money and the two walked towards the house. When they reached home, they sat for a while and then went to the roof. And they started decorating the roof with flags.

“Where are these girls?” After inspecting the rooms, the grandmother came to the kitchen where Shazia and Nadia’s mother was preparing a variety of dishes.

“Mom! She went to the market first and now she’s on the roof, preparing for tomorrow.

“Good! So that’s it. I also go to them. ”Grandmother said

And go up the stairs. At the same time, awkward voices began to hit their ears. She sat on the cot on the right side of the roof and looked around to look around. Nadia was waving the flag while Shazia was helping her. Green and white flags with the moon and stars of “Long live Pakistan” hung on the walls of the roof while a tape recorder was playing in a full voice, no sound could be heard.

“Hey! What is this noise? I say lower the voice. ”Grandmother thunderous voice echoed.

“Grandma!” We are celebrating Independence Day and there is nothing. Tomorrow we will have a good time with all our friends, “said Nadia.

“It simply came to our notice then. Don’t know how to get it? Make Pakistan, it is known. Why make? How to make it? It is not known. How many difficulties, how many troubles to endure for this day. Do you know anything “Grandma became very serious?

“Grandma, tell me!” Nadia and Shazia became one voice and Grandma started talking as if she was telling a story.

This is before Pakistan became independent. When elections were held in 1936, the Muslim party unfortunately lost due to disagreement. Clouds of oppression began to hover over the Muslims. The property was confiscated from Muslims. Muslims began to be fired. My father was also fired in those days. At our house, like other Muslim houses, the hour of the trial began. The practice of educating children in temples began. Thus, attempts were made to convert Muslim children to Hinduism and … and … and “suddenly Grandmothers became silent.

“And what Grandma?” Nadia asked eagerly

“Today you listen to songs with great interest. These songs were once used by them to harass Muslims.”

“But how is that?” Both were surprised

“Whenever it was time for prayers, songs were sung outside the mosques and musical instruments were played. In this way, Muslims were not allowed to worship in peace.”

“This is a very bad thing,” Shazia said innocently

“Yes, it used to feel very bad then, but now … when we do it ourselves, we cry. Prayers are being offered in the mosque and songs are being sung in the market. The Qur’an is being recited in one house and the sounds of songs are coming from the other house.”

“Then what happened?” Grandma! ”Shazia asked, turning off the tape recorder.

“Then the Muslims began to realize that they had to do something together. Muslims were scattered after the election. On March 23, 1940, the Quaid-e-Azam gathered all the Muslims in Manto Park, Lahore and passed a resolution. In which a separate homeland was demanded. All the Muslims together worked for a separate homeland which was proposed to be called “Pakistan”. Wherever Quaid-e-Azam went, he would first talk about a separate homeland and then talk about something else.

“Grandma! He may have been asked why Muslims want a separate homeland.” Nadia asked making an innocent face

“Absolutely! And the answer to this question is that there are different nations in the subcontinent, of which two major and prominent nations are Hindus and Muslims. Their religions are different, their rituals are different, their food, clothing and way of life are different, and so they should have a separate homeland where they can live as they wish.”

“All this is the result of the sacrifices of the Muslims and the hard work of Quaid-e-Azam and his associates that you have got the blessing of freedom today, otherwise perhaps the darkness of slavery would have remained until today.” It is God’s grace that He has given Muslims the courage to speak out together. Muslims sacrificed their lives to give the blessing of freedom to their future generations.”

“Freedom was so hard to get,” Nadia asked in a startled tone

‘‘Yes… The oppressors started massacring the Muslims. He did not spare even innocent children. He attacked the migrant caravans. Only one of my entire family and one of my brothers survived. The eyes have never seen so much water flowing as the blood flowing from the bodies of Muslims. Then he went somewhere and found “freedom” and was lucky to have his own country.”

“Grandma!” Did the formation of Pakistan solve all the problems of the Muslims? ”Nadia asked impatiently

“When your father built an office, did he sit at home and relax?” Grandma asked question after question.

‘‘Not so! They were busy day and night. He would come late at night, leave early in the morning and then go somewhere and his heart was satisfied. Now he is satisfied with his business. “

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