Face Mask: Does Cause A Lack Of Oxygen In The Body?

Unlike countries such as Japan and China, where the use of a face mask has long been common. Covering the face with cloth is becoming a new practice in Pakistan. And Other countries limit the unfold of the coronavirus.

When it comes to covering the mouth and nose. Most people think that a face mask can cause the body to lack oxygen.

But that doesn’t happen and there are scientific reasons behind it.

Loose-fitting surgical masks and textile masks square measure porous, air passes through them simply. However, little particles from the system square measure tough to experience.

That is why face masks are considered effective in preventing the germs that spread the disease that might otherwise be present in the air.

Wearing a mask may make you feel that the airflow has decreased. Which is reducing the amount of oxygen in the arteries or in the body tissues.

However, face masks have no effect on air circulation. But the wearer has a psychological feeling that breathing is becoming difficult or less air is entering the body while oxygen levels are not affected.

Another concern is high levels of carbon dioxide in the blood, which can lead to drowsiness, headaches, and, in severe cases, fainting.

It is thought that those who wear face masks inhale the exhaled breath. But so far there is no evidence to substantiate this idea.

Healthy people can withdraw some amount of carbon dioxide but it is not a danger to them, as the respiratory and metabolic systems easily expel this amount.

Face Mask Cause Headaches

Wearing a face mask for too long can cause headaches, but nothing more.

According to Dr. Robert Glater of the Emergency Room at Linux Hospital in New York, the use of face masks for healthy people does not increase the risk. Carbon dioxide compounds are easily excreted from the masks and breathing is normal.

However, if a person suffers from lung disease or breathing difficulties, they should consult a doctor before covering their face.

For healthy people, using face masks for a limited time does not pose any risk. But it does help prevent other diseases, including the coronavirus and the flu.

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