Epilepsy Disease In Pakistan

If a person in front of you suddenly falls to the ground, his body shrinks, his head and legs are shaking. As the foam starts to rise from the mouth, the tension on the shape increases and the flow continues for at least five minutes. After that, they become conscious and once again the situations are normal and then understand that this person has epilepsy.

People living in the city are known to have epilepsy, but the majority of the rural areas are affected by these shadows. In this case, treatment is not a question, but blowing up destroys both the patient’s condition and his life. An estimated 9.9 percent of the thousands in Pakistan are infected with epilepsy. Most of them are under 30 years of age. A large number of patients are in the villages but basic awareness of the disease is not available.

The role of the Epilepsy Foundation of Pakistan in the field of awareness and treatment is significant. Free clinics are run in cities, campuses are set up in rural areas. It’s very important to write a story here. Foundation president and prestigious neurosurgeon Dr. Fouzia Siddiqui were discussing the treatment of epilepsy, he mentioned an incident occurring in Badin, according to Dr. Fouzia, set up a medical camp for treating epilepsy but none from the area. Well, after that announcement, more than 200 patients arrived at the camp. That was the announcement, (the ghost being treated with a pill). This suggests that patients are not well informed about a curable disease.

The phrase did remove the barrier to treatment periodically, but the tragic situation is that this disease of illiteracy is not confined to the countryside only. And many people do not even know that surgery can save them forever. Another reason for the delay in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease is the consumption of a neurologist. There is a neurologist for a population of 1.5 million in Pakistan. That is why the treatment of mental disorders is not paid attention to.

In Pakistan, the disease that is pushing young people down the path of life, Albert Einstein, the victim of this disease, has become the best scientist in the world. Thomas Edison was also epileptic, Napoleon also had epileptic seizures, but the illness did not hinder his success. The purpose of mentioning these names here is to bring attention to the fact that treatment is more important than awareness so that misunderstandings linked to epilepsy do not kill the patient before the disease.

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