Educational Institutions opening and Parents Are Worried

You may be one of the parents who are very happy and excited about the opening of educational institutions after such a long hiatus. you busy shopping for new uniforms, books and other school supplies with the children these days.

Or you may be on the list of parents who see the opening of educational institutions in the current epidemic as ‘playing with children’s lives. And the best solution is to promote an alternative, online education’.

The truth is that you are not the only one who is a victim of this conflict. According to the UN report ‘Education during Covid-19 and beyond’ released in August 2020, about 1.6 billion students in 190 countries around the world have been severely affected by the Corona epidemic. Globally, the closure of educational institutions has disrupted the teaching process of 94% of students this year. Most of them from developing and backward countries.

It is feared that the epidemic will widen the education gap between rich and poor. According to a conservative estimate, about 23 million boys, girls and young people around the world are closing their schools due to various economic and social pressures.

After the Opening of Educational Institutions

The figures, released by the United Nations, are a source of concern for intellectuals and planners internationally. But they are also a source of concern to local educators, including parents, teachers, students and administrators. What will be the situation of public health in Pakistan after the opening of educational institutions? According to critics, schools that have not been able to control lice and lice for years will be able to prevent an invisible and deadly virus like Corona.

Educational Institutions opening and Parents Are Worried

The fear that surrounds parents at the moment is the extent to which young people and children will be able to continue their education in the face of social distances, masks and other protective measures. If at any level due to negligence, another wave of corona How far-reaching and deadly the effects would be if it spread through children in the country.

In a situation where educational institutions are gradually opening up across the country. Ambiguity, apprehension and speculation are a natural process. On the other hand, with the opening of schools and colleges in the country, the news of increasing cases of Corona is also hot which is further worrying the parents.

So now the question is what to do in this context?

The answer is the same, caution, caution, and caution because ‘diet is better than cure and repentance’.

From school, college and university preparation to return, we need to accustom ourselves and our children to a new and completely different routine. Hundreds of children and you must have your own masks. The presence of tissues and sanitizers, awareness of their use and importance. While there are plenty of online videos and booklets out there. The best way to do this is for you as a parent and teacher to follow all these SOPs cheerfully and diligently, just as you would expect. Keep it from your children and students.

Second Step

Educational Institutions opening and Parents Are Worried

The second step is to get to school, college and university. First, try to leave the children on a private ride and take them back. But if for some reason this is not possible, talk to the van and bus drivers and the owners to ensure the distance between the children as well. Encourage them to take care of the cleanliness of seats, doors, especially handles and touchpoints, use of masks and proper ventilation in buses and classrooms on a daily basis. In this regard, parents and school administration must adopt a common and strict principle, otherwise, it is difficult to implement.

Third Step

The third step is to check the students and staff during the movement inside the educational institutions to maintain proper social distance between them and to avoid congestion. Therefore, a plan has been prepared to divide the students into small groups and call them at different times and days. It is also important to avoid all gatherings at this time, including morning assemblies, sports competitions, and meetings during lunch break.

Make It A Habit In Educational Institutions

Make it a habit to bring fresh and healthy lunches and water bottles for your children from home and make it a habit yourself. In addition, proper cleaning and maintenance of toilets inside schools, colleges and universities, and a steady supply of water, soap, sanitizer and tissue paper are the basic and attention-grabbing issues on which the school administration must adhere.

The presence of at least one trained doctor or nurse in each educational institution, basic medical aid, equipment, especially thermometers, masks, healers and medicines are also required at present. These arrangements can play a key role in dealing with any emergency. If any of the students, faculty and staff show corona or similar symptoms. Immediately isolate them from the rest and move them to a safe place should be the top priority of the department.

It is the responsibility of administrators and teachers in educational institutions. Especially within the classrooms, to strictly adhere to all precautionary measures themselves and to ensure that children are bound to do the same. It belongs to the person who is a part of this education system. Therefore, he is a janitor standing at the door, a traffic policeman, or a bus driver and conductor.

As responsible members of this society, we all need to train and correct each other. If someone draws attention to one of our misconceptions, accept and correct it with a smile instead of anger.

The Journey of Opening an Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions opening and Parents Are Worried

The journey of opening an educational institution after a gap of 6 months is equally difficult for students, parents, administrators and teachers. But can only be made easier with mutual tolerance and forbearance.

Therefore, it is certain that the future educational Institution will be radically different from the past and present. If we are to prepare our education system for the difficult times to come, we must make health and education a top priority, both public and private. The resources allocated for these basic sectors will have to be used honestly, on the one hand, to take concrete steps for the promotion and delivery of an online composite education system and on the other hand to take precautionary measures and open educational institutions step by step. It is also important to keep a close eye on the education and training of the new generation so that their health and life can be protected.

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