Education In UK: Important Things To Do In The Early Days

The academic year for master’s or postgraduate degrees at UK universities usually begins in September. This year, although the Corona epidemic has turned everything upside down, the good news is that life is slowly returning to normal. Schools have reopened and the new academic year at universities is about to begin with a slight change in dates.

The autumn term at UK universities usually begins in mid-September or later, while most universities this year are offering postgraduate classes in the last week of September or early October.

If you are one of the lucky international students who have been admitted to a UK university this year and are now considering leaving, then this blog is for you, especially to make the early days useful.

Since I went through this situation 6 years ago and have seen the happenings very closely, I think that my experiences can alleviate the problems of many people.

But if you haven’t been able to get admission this year but want to come to the UK to study in the future, this information is also useful for you. And if you don’t fall into either of these categories, this blog can still be interesting to learn about the British education system, student routines and daily routines here.

Prepare Yourself for the UK Way of Life

Education In UK: Important Things To Do In The Early Days

Rain, untimely rain, never rain! This is the shortest summary of the British season. In Pakistan, even if I see clouds, my heart breaks and a frying pan of oil is placed on the stove, but there is no such thing in Britain. And yes, if you wake up in the morning with an alarm, you can stretch your arms while lying on the bed, roll up the curtains and reduce the blackness to greet you, but don’t even think about a holiday. In the UK, dropping out of class due to rain would be considered a holiday in Pakistan because the sun was out.

When you come from Pakistan, bring umbrellas, raincoats or waterproof jackets and anti-cold equipment to deal with the rain. Although it can be found here, but when a student has to spend the pounds brought from Pakistan, it is certainly a difficult situation.

British universities are a practical reflection of a multicultural society. You come from all over the world with very different beliefs, you speak different languages ​​and you have to be mentally prepared to have relationships with people of different nationalities so that you don’t say such things in any case even if you don’t want to. Give to someone who is offended.

Sorry and Thank You In UK

The relentless use of ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’ may not seem like an opportunity, but these two words you may hear in any situation, so don’t just listen, during conversations and different situations. Get in the habit of using them yourself.

All these and many other practical things about the British way of life your university will tell you from time to time, keep an eye on them and try to understand. Also, join the university’s social media platforms and online forums so that various instructions can reach you in a timely manner.

Arrange Accommodation On A Priority Basis

Education In UK: Important Things To Do In The Early Days

Whether you are looking for accommodation in a university hostel, rented private accommodation with some friends, or ‘luckily’, your dubious relatives live in the same city where your university is located and they The family has also been persuaded that it is better for the child to remain in front of their eyes, whatever the situation, finalize the accommodation as soon as possible and before coming to the UK to clear their minds on this issue.

Although the accommodation provided by the university seems to be relatively expensive and there are some restrictions and rules to keep in mind, but as a student, the situation here would be ideal for studying. University hostels should generally be the first priority for ‘deserving’ students due to the specific academic environment, standard discussions on various important topics in the common rooms as well as the facilities available for study. When it comes to cleaning, cooking and washing clothes, you have to do it yourself in a private residence and in a university hostel you have to take care of these responsibilities yourself.

But even then, if you intend to live outside the university, start working on it as soon as possible. Find suitable rooms for rent through online services, locate and mark them and notify the landlord or property manager of your arrival date via email or on-site messaging facility. ۔

Universities usually provide accommodation to international students during ‘Fresher’s Week’ or the first week, so that they can arrange their accommodation while staying here. Contact your university right away to find out more so that you can be satisfied with your accommodation before you land in the UK.

Learn About Medical Facilities

Education in UK

The UK’s medical system is very different from that of Pakistan and a bit complicated for newcomers. Every person here needs to register with the local clinic which is called ‘General Practice’ and in case of any physical ailment, they can make an appointment in advance from the same practice and get the doctor or ‘General Practitioner’ here to check up Is. This facility is absolutely free for British citizens, while you will be charged a ‘health surcharge’ at the time of your visa application.

There is no need to go to the GP for a common cold, cough, cold or headache, etc. For this, you will go to any pharmacy or medical store near you where the certified medical staff will be present. Will provide its medicine. You will also be given more valuable advice on how to use this entire system and medical facilities in the early days of university, be sure to take note of them, especially where your GP is located, to register. What documents will you need and what is ‘free’ in medical treatment and at what additional cost you will have to pay.

Open A Bank Account

Education In UK: Important Things To Do In The Early Days

Whether paying university fees, making daily purchases or using transport, it is unthinkable in the UK without a bank account, especially a bank card. For some time now, the use of cash has also been discouraged at the government level and transactions through bank cards have been promoted as it is both safe and easy.

If you are enrolled in a university in London, then a bank card is also necessary for your daily commute because whether it is London Underground or London’s famous Red Bus, cash is not accepted here. To travel, you will need to get a travel pass from the station’s automated machines and travel booths, or the easiest and most popular way is to get your ‘contactless’ bank card from the train station or on the bus, from the payment panel. Touch, this machine will automatically cut the required fare.

Most banks in the UK have an International Student Account for the convenience of international students. You can get this facility by visiting a bank branch located in or near your university. Your passport, student card and proof of residence are usually required to open an account, and further details will certainly be provided in the early days of the university. Listen to them carefully and write them down.

Take Full Advantage Of The Facilities Provided By The University

Education In UK: Important Things To Do In The Early Days

You must have made a very thoughtful decision to study at a UK university. So take full advantage of this rare opportunity and make full use of the facilities available here. University education is not just about studying, taking exams and then getting a degree, it is more than that. Personality building, articulating your point of view, adopting a healthy and balanced lifestyle and many other such attributes that come in handy in practical life can all be taught by university life, provided you be mentally prepared.

Before you arrive at the university, research the university’s website and online content to find out what student support facilities are available at your university and which of them you would like to take advantage of. Generally, career guidance, part-time jobs, English language courses, study rooms and libraries are some of the facilities you should be aware of and get yourself registered with them in the first few days after your arrival at the university.

The Library Is Probably Where You Spend Most of Your Time

Education In UK: Important Things To Do In The Early Days

The library in particular, because it may be the place where you spend most of your time. The class or lecture will be only one and a half hours, but you may have to stay in the library for several hours to prepare for it. Get in the habit of spending some time in the library on a daily basis and get acquainted with the various sections available here such as computer section, group discussion rooms, etc. and also find out how many books you can issue at a time and how. What is it?

The class or lecture will be only one and a half hours, but you may have to stay in the library for several hours to prepare for it.

Join Student Societies In UK

A distinctive feature of UK universities is its ‘societies’ which run the ‘student unions’ in each university. In it, you will find student societies ranging from religion and nationality, from sports clubs and cultural activities to political debates and various aspects of life. What is special about them is that the students make it themselves and manage it themselves, while the university sometimes gives funds depending on the nature of their activities.

These societies make new members every year and also elect their new leadership. Of course, you can learn a lot by participating in their activities.

At present, almost every well-known university has an Islamic Society and a Pakistan Society that celebrates religious and national days with dignity and helps to refresh the memories of home away from home. In addition, the two societies are very useful in dispelling the suspicions and false propaganda about Islam and Pakistan, respectively, by joining them you can also contribute to some positive things.

Membership campaigns are usually started by these societies in the first week after the start of the academic year and for this purpose, stalls are also set up where the representatives of the societies explain the aims and objectives in detail. Be sure to get society membership, but keep in mind that the universities with the highest number of students have a much larger number of societies and the aims and activities of some societies may be very different from the moral foundations and social values you have in mind or Be against Instead of giving your negative opinion on it, go ahead with your eyes closed.

Finally A Word Of Heart

Whether you take any of the above points seriously or listen to the advice of ‘London Pulte’ relatives and friends, you will not suffer any significant loss. Circumstances will teach you everything with a little rigor, even taking surveys and adjusting yourself to any situation during the early days. But one thing that no one can say is that ‘text messaging is not the same as a phone call or its substitute’.

Make it a habit to call instead of texting parents and family members to inform them of your well-being and daily routine, and try not to give up this habit even when you are very busy.

Best wishes for your studies and success in the UK!

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