Drinking Cold Water Is Injurious To Health

Drinking cold water in summer is the most desirable. If you say that some people don’t drink cold in winter, it’s not wrong. If you do not see the disadvantages of drinking cold water in your youth, it is very difficult to avoid it in the old years.

Cold ice water can do nothing but make a person sick. So to avoid its harms, avoid it and maintain good health.

Digestive System Disorders

Drinking cold water causes digestive disorders. Gastric or peptic ulcer: It is the only food which can cure gastric ulcer most effectively. Cold water and cold drinks play an important role in indigestion.

Weight Gain

Cold water lowers body temperature so that calories are not burned and weight is increased. With cold water, fat strengthens its position in your body, making it impossible to eliminate it.


Plain water helps maintain a healthy digestive system while cold causes constipation. Cold water affects the way food passes through the intestines. This is why constipation problems increase.

Throat Problems

Cold water causes sore throat and sore throat. Sound deafness causes a change in voice before age. Plain water saves you from sore throat.

The Cause of Acidity

The use of cold water gives you temporary relief, but it also causes many problems in the body, one of which is acidity. The stomach upset opens the door to other diseases.

Heart Problems

This puts extra strain on the heart as drinking cold water can slow down the heartbeat. The use of cold water lowers the body temperature so it takes time for it to return to normal.

Hair Problems

Cold water has amazing effects on hair. Hair loss and premature graying are also caused by cold water. It affects the whole body as well as the hair.


Cold water is a major cause of joint pain. Cold water affects the body system. Cooling can be harmful to the bones, which can lead to joint pain.

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