Do You Know The Benefits Of Drinking Red Syrup In Iftar?

It is important for the body to drink plenty of water in summer. Ramadan has been coming in this season for many years and when it comes to fasting, iftar feels incomplete without red syrup or rose syrup. These syrups are made from roses and other ingredients and can be mixed with water, milk or lassi. It can also enhance the taste of kulfi faluda, kheer, ice cream, and pudding.

But do you know how beneficial it is to drink red syrup during Ramadan? If you don’t know, find out how beneficial this kind of syrup is during the month of Ramadan, especially during Iftar.

Protect from dehydration:

These syrups are made from a variety of cooling minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur, and phosphorus. They regulate the water balance in the body and provide protection against dehydration, especially when abstaining from food and drink during a long fast of 14 to 15 hours.

Increase physical energy:

These syrups are also rich in carbohydrates and sugars, which help in reducing the energy lost during a long fast.

Helps in weight gain:

These are also rich in ingredients that improve the balance of the body’s nitrogen, which increases physical weight, so people who are physically weak but fast can benefit more from this drink.

Improve the digestive system:

Sudden overeating in the evening after being hungry and thirsty all day increases the risk of indigestion and abdominal pain. The essence of rose in this syrup helps in easily digesting the food eaten in Iftar.

Take away the fever:

Rose extract also helps control body temperature, which is useful for people with a fever, during which the body temperature rises.

Note: If you are allergic to rose extract and if you have diabetes, be sure to consult your doctor.

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