Do Tigers Eat Their Young? (Surprising Truth!)

Unlike lions, which hunt in pride, tigers prefer to roam alone. They are apex predators capable of overcoming even bears. But, when it comes down to it, do tigers eat their young?

Yes, tigers eat their young, and there are a number of justifications for this. Tigers typically consume their young when they exhibit unusual behavior or have a physical impairment. The tigress will then lose its maternal instinct and eat its young. Other causes of infanticide include malnutrition or a fresh mating opportunity.

There are few animals as iconic as the tiger. They are known for their strength and grace, but many people don’t know that tigers can also be quite deadly when it comes to their young.

In fact, according to some reports, tigers have been known to eat and kill their baby tiger cubs. So, what drives these majestic animals to do this?

There are a few theories as to why tigers may resort to cannibalism when it comes to their offspring. For one, tiger mothers may view their cubs as threats to their dominance over the group. Additionally, infant tigers may not be able to survive on their own outside of the mother’s care and might become a meal because they pose no harm to the tiger population as a whole.

Why do Tigers Eat their young?

Do Tigers Eat Their Young?

Several studies have shown that tigers not only kill their own cubs but also the cubs of other tigers as well. They can eat almost anything if they are hungry and determined.

Among great cats, tigers are among the most recognizable and revered. Strength, speed, and agility are all well-known attributes of theirs. Many people are unaware that tigers eat their young as a means of maintaining themselves.

The reason tigers do this is that they are predators and their prey is usually bigger than they are. Baby tigers need meat to grow strong and large so eating them helps the tiger population stay healthy and thrive.

There have been cases where baby tigers have been found dead with flesh ripped from their bones, meaning that their mother had definitely eaten them.

However, it’s not always the case; sometimes baby tigers will be seen playing together before being killed later on by their mother.

It’s a harsh reality but it’s one that every tiger family has to go through in order to survive.

Some Cubs won’t become Tigers:

Some Cubs won’t become Tigers. This is because the cubs in the study are raised in captivity and don’t have to fear being hunted or killed by their parents.

For tigers, this process is essential to their survival. When cubs are born, their mother kills any that she doesn’t want and feeds the rest her milk. The cubs who survive this process learn how to hunt, scavenge, and protect themselves from danger.

Nature says that there cannot be more tigers on the top food pyramid. That’s why it narrows downwards. The male and female tigers are both threatened by the young tigers when they are born.

The tigress will eat any cubs it does not believe will grow into perfect tigers. It eliminates all future competition for resources by killing weak cubs who will not become strong Tigers.

The Cub may be Unhealthy:

The cub could also be suffering from deformities. In this case, the tigress will take it out to end any struggles that the cub might have as it grows up.

We have also mentioned that cub anomalies can lead to the tigress losing her mother’s instincts, which could result in it being killed.

Survival of the fittest is the key to survival in the wild. The tigress wouldn’t want to see her pup suffer in a predator-filled wild.

Mating Reasons:

Do Tigers Eat Their Young?

The female will give birth to one cub. As a result, it does not want to mate and heat. In order to mate again, the tigress would kill its only cub to get more offspring. Although it may seem cruel and strange, this is what happens in nature.


Tigers eat their young because of the food shortage. Any mammal that is starving in nature will feed its offspring. The chances of survival for the cubs will decrease if the mother is not available to eat. The tiger may also attempt to kill its cubs if they think they are part of another tiger.

Are there other Animals that Kill their Young?

Are there other animals that kill tigers young? In recent years, conservationists and animal lovers have become increasingly interested in the solution to this issue.

While there is no definitive proof that other animals are responsible for the deaths of baby tigers, there is ample evidence to suggest that this may be the case. Some of the most compelling evidence comes from cases where tiger mothers have killed their own cubs.

What Is Tiger Cub Cannibalism?

Tigers are one of the most iconic animals in the world, but some people are worried about their behavior when it comes to eating their own cubs. Although it is still unknown for sure if tigers actually do kill their cubs, there is evidence that suggests this may be the case.

A study that was conducted in 2013 found that half of the tigers living in captivity had killed one or more of their cubs. This is a high number, and it’s something that needs to be taken seriously because it could mean that these cats are not able to properly care for their young. If this is the case, then it could lead to disaster for the future of these animals.


Although it may seem natural and normal to kill your own baby and then consume them, there are some reasons for this. Infanticide isn’t just a problem for tigers. This type of situation is seen in many other species, including bears, canids, and primates. Mothers have to make sure their cubs survive. Mothers would most likely eat unwell infants, which is why they are often targeted.

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