Do Seagulls Have Ears?

Yes, seagulls have ears. The location of their ears is different from other mammals. Due to this reason, we are asking that seagulls have ears? The reallocation of their ears is just behind their eyes. 

Seagulls are very good-looking birds. They mostly look in gray or white color but sometimes they have black lines on their neck and wings. They can be large or medium in size. 

As they are seabirds, they spent more of their lifetime in the sea. They have very strong paws. Their jaws are enough strong to eat any healthy or huge hunt. 

They live in their nests. They make their nests on these trees which are near beaches. It is because of food purposes. Rarely, do they go too far out to sea?

They are omnivores and like to eat those animals which do not die. I mean to say, they eat live animals. Some types of fish, mollusks, and small birds are their favorite.

The life cycle of birds is so short but these birds have a great life cycle instead to other kinds of birds. They live a life of 40 to 45 years.

Do seagulls have ears?

Yes, seagulls have ears, which are situated directly below and behind the eyes. Seagulls don’t have external ears as mammals do. They have auriculars, which are little ear openings covered in feathers.

Mammals have external ears which we can see easily but they have very small ears. Their ears were covered with his feathers. 

Hearing is another important ability of birds. Due to this, they can communicate with one another. Without hearing sense, there are very difficulties for them. 

Although their frequency of listening is low they have a great ability to recognize the voices. That is why the question is do seagulls have ears is the answer is yes.

Top 9 Facts About Them

They Cooperate With One Another

In this, there is a great conflict among scientists. Seagulls live in communities. Their numbers may be different in different communities. 

There is an unseen understanding between them. They know that to survive, they need to help one another. So, when any fox, eagle, or any type of enemy attacks them, they regulate themselves in a great white force. Due to this teamwork, they can fight with their enemy and ruin them. 

On other hand, they behave in such a way that they can’t able to live with one another. They fight and scream at one another. Even sometimes, they steal eggs from one another and eat them.

They can drink saltwater

Most birds can not able to drink salt water. It is because their kidneys are not strong enough but they are among some of these birds who can intake saltwater. 

They have some kind of special glands that helps them to remove additional salt from their body. These glands are found near their eye sockets. Due to this ability, they can eat many of those animals that are full of salt like crabs. They can also go far away for food without taking the risk of water unavailability. 

They Are Very Intelligent

According to scientific research, they are very wise and loyal birds. First, they learned a specific thing behavior, then use it for their daily purposes. We can see their intelligence in their feeding behaviors. They choose their food according to opportunity. 

Cracking shellfish

They use a technique to break a shellfish which shows its intelligence. First, they got it and fly high in the air. Then, they drop it on a hard surface. In this way, they break it and got the meat that is found in this shell.


Bait-fishing is another technique to observe their intelligence. In this technique, they attract the fish by throwing bread in the water. 

They can catch fish by jumping into the water. Seagulls can dive into the water at a speed of 60 mph. They overlapped their feathers before diving into the water. In this way, they can dive perfectly and may go to the depth of 40 feet.

Earthworms catching

In this technique, they make fools of earthworms. They stand near their holes and make a rainfall. Then, they stand there to wait for their outcoming. In this way, earthworms came out and they catch them immediately. 

As the very smart. So, they also steal food from many other animals. For these purposes, they also have many techniques.

Are They Cannibal?

Primarily, seagulls are carnivores but according to early research, a behavior named cannibalism is found among them. This behavior depends on many factors.

These factors may be changes in climate or global warming. Due to them, the temperature of 

water rises and fishes go into the deep cool water.

As fishes are the main food for seagulls but due to temperature, they are not able to get food. So, they try to eat chicks of one another. They also eat some small birds in these situations. So, they are not mainly cannibals but they can behave as cannibals.

Are They Mate For Life?

Yes, they are mates for life. They mate only once a year. Both males and females are very loyal to one another. Like a human, they may disconnect from one another but it just happens sometimes. 

Mating Process

Do Seagulls Have Ears

Their mating process is very interesting. As many bird species have no penises or vaginas. Like this, they also have no penises. So, how do they continue their reproductive cycle? 

The answer is that they have an opening called the cloaca. When they are ready to mate, the male stands up on the back of the male. They rub their cloaca with one another. In this way, the male enters his sperm into the female’s cloaca. Then, the reproduction of this occurs. 

They are also very good parents and their reproductive season lasts from 3 to 6 months. Such an amazing way of reproduction. 


Every person who sees them has their own point of view about seagulls. They are a symbol of independence and utility for Americans. seagulls claim them as an angel. They think that they see the world differently. 

Are Seagulls strong communicators?

seagulls are great communicators. They communicate in a very advanced way. They have a great range of communication techniques. Every specie has it is own way of communication.

They communicate with one another for many reasons. seagulls may communicate when children come out from eggs. They attract their parents to feed and protect them. 

When a female wants to attract a male, she communicates amazingly. It is another way of communicating. From seagulls, the Herring species is well known for its communication methods. 

Can They stand on one leg?

Do Seagulls Have Ears

Seagulls are not the only birds who can stand on one leg. But, everyone has their reason. They stand on one leg because they need to save their body’s energy and reduce the loss of heat.

As they have no feathers on their leg, they may face a great loss of heat during winter. So, they hide one leg in their feathers during winter. 

In this way, they close one leg to their upper body and absorb heat for the leg. It is beneficial for them instead of exposing both legs.

There is a natural system is found in their legs. Its name is “Retemirabile”. It collects warm blood from the heart arteries and gives cold blood to the heart. So, due to this technique, they also control their heat regulation.

They are found everywhere

According to the theory by scientists, they are living on this planet since 30 million years ago. In past, they are found near water resources but now, they are found all world. They can live near sweat water resources as well as saltwater resources. They can drink salt water because they can remove excess salt from their body.

Nowadays, they are found everywhere. They are found in Antarctica as well as Arctic areas. 

Seagulls are one of the rare bird species that can be seen all over the planet. In the past, these seabirds would usually habitat alongside the ocean shore.

Instead, they are very necessary for the ecosystem, they are known as rats of the skies. They are found to eat the things which we have thrown as trash. They help the ecosystem to decompose all these bad and dead things. In this way, they play an important role to manage the ecosystem.

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