Do Otters Eat Turtles? (Are Turtles Otter Food?)

One question I am often asked is whether the otters eat turtles. Today I am also answering this question in my article.

Many people describe Otters as cute and entertaining creatures. They might not be as adorable or friendly to animals that these devouring mammals.

Otters are predators, yet they’re also highly talented. Fish is their primary dietary source. However, they can consume a variety of aquatic prey, based on the season and the area they reside in. I’ve been wondering if otters also eat turtles too?

Here’s what I’ve learned through my research:

Yes, otters do eat turtles. Otters’ main food source is made up of crabs, fish, crayfish, as well as other amphibians. However, they can hunt turtles. They are carnivore mammals that will kill birds, turtles, rodents and even snakes when they have the opportunity.

We’ll examine what species of animal otters consume, including turtles.

Let’s get started!

Do otters eat turtles?

Turtles might not be the primary food source for otters. However, when there is a chance that an otter could devour and kill turtles. Otters are well known for being predators of opportunity. However, in the event, that fish is not available the otters will feast on other animals.

To sustain themselves in their natural habitat, otters must consume every day at least 25% of their body weight. In the end, these ferocious predators are on the move for 5 hours a day looking for and hunting their prey.

How do otters go about killing turtles?

Otters who kill turtles and eat them are quite troubling. Otters will sneak up into the turtle, grasp it by the shell and begin eating the animal alive. If the turtle is unable to move the otter will then bring it to land and finish the meal out of the water.

Are otters known to eat alligators?

Absolutely, Otters occasionally eat and kill some alligators. Even though it isn’t as frequent as eating turtles may occasionally take on alligators. Otters are extremely powerful and agile hunters, but to be able to take on an alligator is an impressive feat.

How do otters go about killing alligators?

In order to defeat the alligator, the otter must attack the reptile’s back and remain as far away as it can away from its jaw. After a few minutes of battle back and forth, the gators begin to get gassed up.

The longer the battle is continued, the less energy will remain in the tank of the gator and its muscles will begin becoming awash with the acid lactic. If time continues to pass and the alligator is likely to be unable to move since muscles of his are no longer working.

In that case, the otter will chase down the gator from the shore with no difficulties. Alligators will suffer from the lactic acid accumulation and not because of biting. But on occasion, the alligator is victorious over the crocodile.

What other species of animal eats turtles?

Snapping turtles are found in streams and ponds that are shallow. Snapping turtles are omnivores, devouring both animal and plant matter in equal measure. As the largest freshwater turtle, they have earned this title.

Therefore, adults do not have a lot of predators. First, because of their large size, then they are able to defend themselves. However, there are a few animals that kill or devour snapping turtles.

  • Coyotes
  • American bears
  • American Alligators
  • American snapping turtle

The otter’s predators:

Otters are fierce animals. They’re near the most powerful predators in all environments where they are mixed with other species. Yet they aren’t the strongest or the strongest animals in the wild. Because of this, they often behave in groups in order to protect themselves.

However, every predator is prey. That’s the nature of things.

In addition to humans, the most feared predators of otters The following are the major predators that otters could encounter on land as well as in the water:

  • Eagles
  • Coyotes
  • Bobcats
  • Wolves
  • Bears
  • Whales
  • Sharks
  • Sea Lions


In the end, otters sometimes eat turtles. In terms of food, otters don’t have a preference for eaters. They mostly consume fish, however, when they’re hungry, they’ll eat everything they see.

The creatures of the water are astonishingly robust for their size. They are incredibly powerful with their bite and razor-sharp claws are able to take on an alligator.

When in the wild the most adorable animals may be the most vicious.


Do otters eat turtles?

Yes, otters do eat turtles. Otters’ primary food source is made up of crabs, fish, crayfish, as well as other amphibians. However, they can take on turtles.

What are otters able to eat?

Wild, the majority of species of otter consume crustaceans and fish and river otters feed on prey such as freshwater fish, mussels crabs, crayfish, and frogs.

What are otters’ most dangerous predators?

The otter has to contend with numerous predators both on the land and at sea, which is why it is always on the lookout for dangers. Its most dangerous enemies are killer whales and great white sharks. Coyotes, bears.

Are otters eat alligators?

They’re smart, agile and strong predators. They eat plenty of fish and amphibians, however, they also eat large raccoons, beavers, snakes, snapping turtles and even small gators.

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