Do Hippos Like Chocolate?

Many people find it difficult to say no to chocolate. While we all enjoy these sweet treats it is possible that animals would love chocolate too. The idea of a huge and heavy animal such as the hippo, dipping its head in a pool of chocolate can get any child excited. But do hippos like chocolate?

The natural habitat of wild hippos isn’t found close to cacao plants or other chocolate sources. They aren’t attracted by chocolate in the wild. It’s hard to know whether hippos like chocolate. However, if you tried to feed them chocolate, they’ll probably consume it. However, this doesn’t suggest that hippos would take chocolate for a bite.

Can hippos eat chocolate?

A wide variety of treats and snacks are available for our pets in today’s modern world. But chocolate shouldn’t be considered among those foods.

Consuming a lot of chocolate can quickly cause poisoning. The most commonly poisoned chocolate victims are cats and dogs. Sometimes, even fatal results are possible.

Animals aren’t able to process theobromine (an alkaloid derived from the cacao plant) at the same rate as human beings. If the animal’s size is smaller, a tiny amount of chocolate could cause poisoning.

In the case of hippos, the animals are enormous and weigh, on average, 3,000 pounds. The males could be as heavy as 9,000 pounds. This means that feeding a hippo with large amounts of chocolate won’t cause harm to it.

In theory, the case that a hippo indulges in chocolate, but not other foods that are typical could result in health problems for the animal.

Nutritional facts about chocolate:

There are those who say that chocolate is unhealthy, but other people disagree. Eating a lot of chocolate isn’t something to be encouraged. It could lead to overweight, and therefore we should not consume chocolate in large quantities. Our pets, on the other hand, are not given chocolate by us.

In a table in the following, we find different nutritional values for chocolate per 100g.

 White ChocolateDark ChocolateMilk Chocolate
Calories539 kcal599 kcal535 kcal
Total Carbohydrate59.2 g45.8 g59.4 g
Sugars59 g24 g51.5 g
Total Fat32.1 g42.7 g29.7 g
Protein5.9 g7.8 g7.6 g
Cholesterol21 mg2 mg23 mg
Do hippos like chocolate

What does a hippo like to eat?

In the past, scientists believed hippos to be herbivores. They eat only the plants that produce the matter.

Certain hippos have been found to consume animal flesh in recent research. On top of that, some species of hippo took it a step further and displayed an inclination to eat cannibals.

But cannibalism is a rare occurrence and the animals would consume their own species only in the most extreme circ omnivores.

Their favorite food sources include leaves and short grasses. Most of their diet comes composed of water since they can spend as much as 16 hours each day submerged in it feeding!

Besides eating grass from the water, they also stay submerged so that their bodies stay cool and moist. While most of their time would be spent underwater.

As per LiveScience Hippos in adulthood, consume 80 pounds. grass per night. Once they’ve filled with food, the hippos are able to stay for three weeks without eating.

In captivity, hippos consume different vegetables and plants. They eat mainly alfalfa and lettuce. On special occasions, zookeepers give them watermelon or pumpkins for a treat.


It is not true that hippos like chocolate. The omnivore mainly consumes grass, and chocolate isn’t likely in the habitats they inhabit. If chocolate was given to a hippo, it is likely to take it in, because of curiosity, rather than just because hippos really love chocolate.

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