Do Hawks Eat Foxes?

One of North America’s most common hawk species is the red-tailed hawk. These magnificent birds of prey consume a variety of diets. They have a reputation for eating anything they want whenever they want it. They are willing to consume practically any little animal that they come across. This leads us to the following inquiry: can hawks eat Foxes?

Yes, hawks do eat foxes. The majority of the food consumed by hawks comes from rodents of small size. However, if they have an opportunity, they might capture and devour the fox. But, when hunting foxes, hawks will typically target injured or young foxes. Because they are easier to catch.

Can hawks eat foxes?

Hawks are the skilled hunters. They are well-known for their prey on various mammal species that are on the ground. Hawks are able to take full benefit of attacking the sky.

They typically hunt from the highest point of large trees. If the predator is seen the hawks utilize the force of gravity to their advantage by flying toward their prey at a high speed.

Sometimes, foxes aren’t in a position to predict upcoming attacks from the skies. The only time a fox is aware of the presence of a hawk is after it has been attacked.

Hawks kill their prey using their powerful and sharp claws. They typically focus on the eyes and head. When the prey has been eliminated the hawk will grab the prey and return to its perch in order to devour the prey.

How frequently do hawks eat on foxes?

There is a widespread belief that hawks eat only mice, but a diet of hawks is mostly composed of smaller rodents, birds and small mammals.

Meadow voles and grey squirrels are the most favored prey for red-tailed hawks, according to a study from New York State. Studies have also found that other animals like chipmunks, sparrows and robins could be on the menu of the hawk as well.

As you can see, foxes don’t seem to be their most popular hawk’s food. They also don’t consume them as frequently. But they are predators with a plethora of opportunities who will consume anything that is in their reach. In the case of the foxes, raptor bird species prefer wounded or young foxes.

Do hawks eat foxes that have died?

Hawks are powerful predators as well as scavengers. They possess a keen sense of smell, sight and hearing that help to locate food sources from the air and on land. Hawks eat everything they find, even dead Foxes.

Hawks, however, prefer to kill prey all by themselves. However, the dead animal can be a tasty food source. Particularly in winter as live prey is difficult to come across. The same goes for Foxes. In either case, the hawks will eat it without hesitation.

How do Foxes defend themselves from hawks?

Foxes defend themselves against predators like hawks and other flies by constructing dens and small burrows within grasslands.

Fox puppies are among the top targets as they are often taken by predators. Due to this, they aren’t allowed to venture out of their dens until they’re at least five weeks old. For the time being, they’re secured with adult foxes.

When threatened, foxes utilize their sharp claws and teeth to protect themselves. However, foxes will be careful not to expose themselves to predators. If they were detected, they’ll depend on their speed and agility to avoid predators.

Are hawks eaten by foxes?

Hawks are at the highest in the hierarchy of food. They are the only predators in their natural environment and aren’t even close to the number of animals they hunt.

However, nearly every predator is the prey of another. The most popular predators of hawks include raccoons, great-horned Owls as well as larger eagles and Hawks.

But, when they are eggs or a new hawk is born, they may be attacked by a variety of species of animals. That includes foxes. If they spot the hawk’s helpless infant the fox will take the chance to eat it.

Other birds that hunt foxes:


Great-horned owls are the largest of the owl species. With a wingspan of 5 feet, he hunts primarily at night.

The great-horned owl’s primary food source is animals. It also includes foxes. Owls are renowned for their unobtrusive hunting methods, and they almost never miss their prey.


Apex predators take pleasure in the highest levels of diet, raptors are the master hunters. Eagles are known for capturing prey with a weight of five times the weight of their own.

The principal food source is fish which is supplemented by mammals and birds. Although foxes aren’t in the top tier of the eagle’s diet, there are times when they take them in. They mostly hunt young foxes.


Falcons are found in all parts of the globe, with Antarctica being the only exception for Antarctica. The birds of prey feast on insects and other birds.

While they generally don’t hunt foxes of large size but they can prey on dead ones. Also, they chase smaller foxes. In comparison to the other species of birds, they aren’t as frequent.


A lot of people have wondered whether hawks eat Foxes. They are most commonly well-known for their prey-gathering capabilities and have an array of prey that they hunt and consume. This includes the fox. It’s not as prevalent as other animals are hunted.

In hunting foxes, the hunter would usually aim at tiny and helpless foxes.

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