Deadly Epidemic: What Can We Do In These Circumstances?

What can we do in this deadly epidemic? When life is stagnant. Parks and playgrounds are empty of children’s laughter. The sea is alone, there is no one to see it. Restaurants and malls are now empty. I think this is a movie scene.

Never before have we seen the streets of our city so empty and lifeless. This is the first time we have faced epidemics collectively. What is happening to you is happening to everyone. We are all in it.

Many students now have a vacation year. To escape this deadly epidemic, he has had to give up his college and university dreams. People who have jobs are unsure whether they will be able to continue or be reduced. Business owners are worried because their income has stopped.

The Wheel Of The World Has Stopped

The Wheel Of The World Has Stopped. This deadly epidemic is pushing the wheel, trying to break it. It is ruining our economy, but on the other hand, the people and the government are resisting. By living in our homes, taking care of the distance, and taking precautions, we are capturing the world, supporting it.

Being confined to your home is not easy. All we have trouble going out, meeting our friends and cousins. We all want to go to eat our favorite ice cream and our favorite burgers. We want to play all the games we like to play. But we can’t. Because we have to save our life from this deadly epidemic.

What Can We Do In This Deadly Epidemic?

Deadly Epidemic: What Can We Do In These Circumstances?

What Can We Do In This Deadly Epidemic? There is really nothing we can do about it. What we can do is look at it in a positive light. This is a great opportunity for us to disguise ourselves. We have been given the gift of time. Schools are closed, classes are over, and we have no problem. You can use this time to make it more productive. You can increase your skills. Learn new things and think about what you want to do in the future.

We can make art, write stories, play music, watch all the movies we wanted to see, but we couldn’t because of assignments. Or, we can just focus on this time to relax and restart our system. We can reflect on our shortcomings and our mistakes and find ways to improve ourselves and our personalities.

This is a wonderful time to do all this work. So when this deadly epidemic is over, we will emerge as better human beings. In this way, we will have learned many things.

Both our minds and bodies will be strong. We will have a new purpose, a new way of looking at things. Like the man who for a while lost consciousness of seeing things, but now he has regained his sight, so he sees things in a new light.

This is what we should aim to do instead of breaking safety rules and complaining. It’s difficult, but it is necessary. It is important that we go through the same thing. Crying and complaining together will not solve the problem, go ahead and get rid of this deadly epidemic.

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