Cold Weather: Surprising Effects Of Winter On The Body

The weather is getting colder fast and this change has some unexpected effects on the body and mind. Yes, climate change does bring about many changes in our body and mind, and medical experts confirm this. Keeping these changes in mind is essential to staying healthy throughout the year. Here you will learn about the effects of cold weather on the body, some of which may surprise you.

It Is Easy To Get Rid Of Obesity

Cold Weather: Surprising Effects Of Winter On The Body

Yes, cold weather is a big benefit and according to medical research reports, when the weather is cold, our body burns more calories to keep the body warm, but it is not a big difference that completely eliminates obesity. However, with exercise or other methods, excess fat can be significantly reduced.

The Fingers ‘Shrink’

Cold Weather: Surprising Effects Of Winter On The Body

Have you ever noticed that the ring on your finger gets loose in cold weather? This is not your imagination, in fact, the bones of the fingers and toes swell in hot weather and in winter this process is reversed, as a result of which they ‘shrink’. In this way, the body tries to maintain its body temperature and maintains the core temperature.

Bone Pain

Some people are more prone to bone pain in the winter due to the physical response to cold weather, usually in the hands, feet and ears, due to the small blood vessels there. I have to increase the blood supply too much, it is not dangerous but it is definitely painful. To avoid this, appropriate warm clothing and staying out for long periods of time should be avoided.

Vision Can Be Affected

High temperatures, cold winds and snow can affect vision, so people in areas where it snows must wear sunglasses.

Reddening Of The Face

Cold Weather: Surprising Effects Of Winter On The Body

If the nose or cheeks turn red from the cold, it is because the blood from these parts is moving to more important organs such as the heart or lungs, when you come in hot weather and the blood circulation returns to normal. So the result is that some parts of the face turn red like tomatoes.

Increased Risk Of Heart Attack

Elderly people are at increased risk of a heart attack this season, especially those who already have heart disease. According to a study, when the body tries to keep the temperature safe, the pressure on the heart increases, it starts working harder to pump blood, which raises the blood pressure to some extent.

Mood Up And Down

Cold Weather: Surprising Effects Of Winter On The Body

When the temperature is low, it has a negative effect on the mood, which is due to the lack of vitamin D due to the short duration of sunlight, the severity of which depends on the severity of the weather.

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