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Churails: Must Watch This Pakistani Web Series

The first Pakistani web series ‘Churails’ was released on Zee5 on August 11. The series is written and produced by Pakistani-born British director Asim Abbasi. He has previously made films like ‘Cake’.

Apparently, this is a story of four women, but going forward, it proves to be a curious and thrilling web series.

The beginning of the ten-episode ‘Churails’ felt quite a hindrance. The first two episodes didn’t make much of an impact. But then from the third episode, this series will start captivating you. Each new episode takes the form of a complete thriller until the ninth episode, adding to the curiosity and longing. This is the biggest achievement of this series that the story continues to move forward. And every scene is interconnected. If you don’t look carefully, you may not understand the story.

Churails Pakistani Web Series Is A Bit Different

Churails: Must Watch This Pakistani Web Series
Churails Must Watch This Pakistani Web Series..

Pakistani TV drama has long focused on female characters. Plays have been written primarily for women. Their themes are mostly limited to love, domestic issues and conspiracies. The web series “Churails” is a bit different.

Asim Abbasi has created this series in such a way that there is no need for traditional dialogues on Pakistani TV. It is illustrated in a way that tells the story, not tells it.

In it, you will find the stories of the oppressed women of the society and also the role of Transgender. There are also some gay characters in this series whose place in traditional Pakistani drama is not possible.

In fact, Asim Abbasi has recreated the characters in society and it is full of colors of reality.

A Statement Full Of ‘Feminism’

Churails: Must Watch This Pakistani Web Series


One in four women is her husband’s killer. The other is a girl from a poor family who loves boxing. The third is a wealthy businesswoman and the fourth is a housewife who has previously been a lawyer. Together, these women not only speak up for their rights in society but also fight regularly.

An important feature of this web series is its feminist rhetoric, which rejects many of the stereotypes in society. But is this a one-sided statement? There is no discussion on this in the series and no position of the other side has been included. Maybe that’s a mistake.

In recent days you have seen many jokes about Pakistani dramas on social media. For example, the husband behind the wife’s sister, then the husband follows the wife’s friend. The “Churails” tell us a story beyond that. That’s what makes it one of the ‘must-see’ web series.

Excellent Quality Of Production

The best thing about ‘Churails’ is that it shows real Pakistan. Nowhere is there an attempt to make it extraordinarily shiny. The poor and the middle class are filmed the way they are. This brings the series closer to reality.

The quality of the production of ‘Churails’ is very good, in which time is spent on one scene, one frame. In general, questions have been raised about the quality of Pakistani production. It is thought to be a web series and is not seen in cinemas but on TV and mobile. So the frames are kept the same.

Similarly, the story, dialogues, and themes have adopted the same style as the modern requirements of a web series.

That’s why it will also have characters that use alcohol and marijuana. These are the characters that are seen everywhere in Pakistan but are not shown in TV dramas.

The Essence Of Acting

Speaking of acting, Sarwat Gilani has played the role of ‘Sarah’ very well. How a housewife’s situation changes her completely is covered in the best way. Her character, Sarah, who begins the story, is a lawyer who has left her profession due to domestic responsibilities. When she finds out that her husband is also in a relationship with other women, a fire of revenge burns inside her and this is where the story of these churails begins.

Yasira Rizvi has played the role of ‘Jagnu Chaudhry’ who is a woman who organizes wedding ceremonies. Jaganno Chaudhry married an African man. She sees the world very differently and then under the pressure of family she has to leave her black husband. She wants to play a different role in this society, for which she also uses her affiliation with the upper class. Yasira played this role as if it was written for her.

Nimrah’s character ‘Zainab’ is a woman who is serving a 20-year sentence for her husband’s murder. It was a difficult role that he played very well. However, in my opinion, Mehr Bano as Zainab could not do justice to her role as a female boxer. It was missed in many places, especially during the action.

Guest Appearance

Asim Abbasi has collected a bunch of stars in this web series, including the top Mahira Khan and Adnan Malik. Although Mahira Khan’s role is that of a guest actress, she leaves her impression. It would be an exaggeration not to mention Sarmad Khosaat among the guest actors who have played an interesting role as a professor.

Pakistani Web Series ‘Churails’ Enters A New Era

Churails Must Watch This Pakistani Web Series..
Churails Must Watch This Pakistani Web Series..

Unlike web series made in India or other western countries, ‘Churails’ does not have nude or bold scenes but there is a lot of abuse. The truth is that in Pakistan, there is a dialogue in the streets.

But my objection is that these women rise up against the oppression of men. But why do Girls abuse their sisters? Why do they consider it a sense of freedom here? Maybe he needed to take a look at that too.

The music behind the series is also very well chosen and on many occasions, it helps to understand the situation.

In my opinion, this web series is an important milestone for Pakistan, not only in terms of themes but also economically.

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