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Children’s Books That Are Better Than The Movie

Films made from popular children’s books are not as famous as books. This list proves it. Our choices for children’s films are that they were still as good as books. Do you agree?

For a child, there are some interesting things like turning their favorite book into a movie. But what happens when the highly anticipated film is less than interesting?

There are 8 children’s films whose books became very popular but the films made on them were not successful.

Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson is a great children’s series that has captured the imagination and attention of children everywhere. Unfortunately, the film was less than its literary counterpart. Kids everywhere were excited to see the Percy Jackson movie, only to be disappointed with the teens they didn’t belong to, instead of the book and the tweens connected within the book. The plot was messy and the book was not followed so closely.

Many disappointed fans suggested that anyone who had not seen the film leave it, and keep the words of the book alive in their imagination. Perhaps the greatest critic of this series of films was the author himself, Rick Riordan.


Children’s Books That Are Better Than The Movie


It was a self-published novel by a young boy and a talented writer, about which he finds the boy, a polished rock in the forest. He did not expect any dragon to come out of its shell. It is a book of magical and imaginative art, confining the reader to his imagination. However, the film did little to promote daytime viewing.

The film, Eragon, was criticized for its low budget, poor special effects, and failure to imitate the creative world, which readers learned from the book. Fans were not happy and were disappointed when the sequel was not released.

A Wrinkle In Time

Children’s Books That Are Better Than The Movie

This lovely children’s book has been a favorite of children for generations. There is a story about a girl. He saved his father from evil forces in another way. But the central idea of ​​bravery and incompatibility was lost in the making of the Hollywood blockbuster.

The film lost half of its audience, claiming that the storyline was messy and confusing and that the book did not do justice. Although people appreciated the great talent and beautiful imagery present in the film, they did not feel that the film did justice to the story.

Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

Children’s Books That Are Better Than The Movie

Miss Peregrine was an extraordinary book, full of quirky characters and amazing ideas. But the movie left out many golden and dark details of the film, which did no justice to the characters or the plot of the book. For fans of the book, the movie jumped around, the ending didn’t fit and nobody wanted a sequel. This film should have been left to the imagination.

Lemony Snicket

‘I’m sorry to say that the book you’re holding in your hand is extremely bad…’ This is the beginning of a warning from the author on the back cover of the series of unfortunate events of The Lemony Snicket, which immediately caught any reader. This book is devastating, yet funny and fills the color of the play, but The Baudelaire is somehow a fun setting for children. So how did the movie go wrong?

Maybe it’s because the book series is so well-loved and interesting and well-written, or maybe it’s because of the gloomy gloom shown in the film, which was dampened by the horrible Count Olaf. Humor is a constant. There is little that can be recovered from the fear that is associated with Baudelaire, and it pervades the movie.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

This fascinating book series was a great success for middle school boys, attracted to the less sophisticated, but extremely humorous. Greg Heffley then faced trials and disgrace, and his life as a 6th grader took a crazy and strange path. These children’s books are very funny, even for adults, with foreign ideas like a piece of cheese, completely revolving around the school grade.


Children’s Books That Are Better Than The Movie

The Twilight series is a well-written, heartwarming story about love, vampires, virulence and danger. This is a heartwarming series in which the fans only complained about the brief shortage of books. When children’s books were turned into movies, however, audiences were disappointed with the low performance, pleasant dialogue, and unrealistic situation. Many of these critics watch movies over and over again, remember, so despite a setback, the film version of Twilight continues to be captured, if not in the hands of millions.

The Cat In The Hat

Children’s Books That Are Better Than The Movie

Dr. Seuss. Its name is synonymous with lonely, pleasant, stupid, creative and unique childhood experiences. They are more than books. These are the stories that saw millions of children sleep every night, the stories that ignited imagination and copycats, and knew about a world where a cat could come on a rainy day and take away the anger.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the film, which takes a fun-filled classic and turns it into a raw box, which can only be described as a deceptive attempt. The cat in the hat bites its tail, smoking and drinking, and even some provocative clothing. The film did no justice to the popular book.

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