Book: The Straight Path to the Magic City

The book is a magic door, you knock on it and a door opens that enchants you. As soon as you enter this door, you enter a new world and the best journey of life begins, where you learn about civilizations and cultures, where you are aware of past events and happenings, where magic The wires of the future are connected, new ways to conquer the universe are found.

You begin to calculate the depths of the ocean and the vastness of the sky. You become knowledgeable just by reading the hard work of a person all his life. Scenes such as waterfalls flowing from the mountains, tickling of the air, the noise of the rivers, chirping of birds, chirping of rain, the smell of dust, the fragrance of flowers, swaying of trees, the color of clouds and rainbow line tied hands in the blink of an eye. They appear before you and you can remain the uncrowned king of this magical city for as long as you want.

The importance of the book can also be gauged from the fact that nature has resorted to the book to explain and teach a man. What became part of the book became immortal for centuries and what did not fit into the book ended forever.

The Book Is A Wonderful World

Book: The Straight Path to the Magic City

A book is a world in which the facts, events, people, civilizations embedded in it live for millions of years, but it should be said that the book is a world whose inhabitants live for millions of years. Whether it’s Adam’s fault or Eve’s birth, Nimrod’s fire or Abraham’s miracle, Pharaoh’s court or Moses’ rod, Joseph’s beauty or Zulaikha’s love, Egypt’s drought or Joseph’s successful strategy, Mary’s Be it a miracle or the preaching of Jesus, the truth of the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) or the hatred of Abu Jahl.

The love of Romeo and Juliet or the tales of Heer Ranjha, the bravery of Julius Caesar or the cunning of Brutus, the First World War or the explosion of the atomic bomb, the moon But the first step, whether it’s discovering new planets, landing on Mars or photographing a black hole, or any action on Earth, can only survive as long as it remains part of the book. The day he is no longer part of the book, he will die and disappear from his mind as if he never existed.

You can gauge the power of a book only by the fact that it can make you laugh, it can make you cry, it can plunge you into a sea of ​​despair, it can remove the dark clouds of despair and save new rays of light. This book can make or break your life. The book can also put you to sleep and show you sweet dreams. Can make you a scientist from a mystic Can express your feelings Can literally express your feelings. It can also multiply the hidden talent in you.

The Book Speaks Of The Past And The Present

Book: The Straight Path to the Magic City

A book is a jam through which you can get acquainted with the present, past and future. It’s a ride that gives you the cheapest way to travel from one world to another. No plane tickets, no satellite hassles, no billions of dollars invested, no fear of failing to reach the destination. Peace is peace and contentment is contentment.

Despite the magical and magical miracles of the book, I have no difficulty in admitting that a large number of people living in the world today have not been able to establish a love for books. If we talk about Pakistan, the biggest problem here is the literacy rate. According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan, in the year 2017-18, the literacy rate has come down from 60% to 58%. One of the main reasons for this declining literacy rate is low income, which is now declining. It is a cycle that leads to destruction and ruin, which few people are still thinking about.

On The Other Hand

Book: The Straight Path to the Magic City

On the other hand, even among educated people, the tendency to read books is disappearing. This is because of our education system and style of teaching. In schools, colleges and universities, the whole focus is on completing courses and teaching textbooks. Course books aim to highlight ways to get a job, rather than the importance of the book.

Therefore, unless books are considered a means of learning and being knowledgeable all the time in life, rather than as a means of getting a job, it is not possible to see a solution to the problem.

My opinion in this whole matter is that if you have completed your course, you should go for its specialization, if circumstances do not allow, then join a library. Design your home in a way that is small but has a library. Because I believe that books give sanctity and respect to the environment along with the decoration of the house.

Today Is The Age Of Digital Books

The importance of indoor libraries cannot be denied. Give these libraries at least half an hour a day. Change your gamers. Start getting up and sitting down with people who belong to the book. The day you connect with a book for a lifetime will be a day of positive change in your personality. You will find life beautiful, your thinking will be as wide as the heavens and the earth, and you will become a part of the magical world of books.

Let us all pledge today to read, write and be a part of the book so that we too can live for the rest of the world.

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