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Book Review: Fire Storm the Sherlock Holmes Series

The book I am going to review today. He is the book of the Sherlock Holmes series, The Storm Fire. I like reading spy books. So let’s read the review of this book.

The greatest spy in the history of fiction – Sherlock Holmes – is back in the storm fire. The story unfolds in Sherlock’s teens rather than his professionals, but he proved his intelligence with his cutting and observation skills, which later transformed him into the world’s first consulting spy, all of whom was afraid Author Andrew Lane uses his fourth book in the series to show viewers the reasons why Sherlock Holmes became a superhero.

People familiar with the subject know that 14-year-old Sherlock lives in Hampshire with his aunt and uncle trained by Amyus Crowe, an American bounty hunter, and is friends with Virginia and the nomadic Matty. Unlike the previous three books, Holmes eventually had the opportunity to return from the housemaid, Mrs. Eglantine and it was her involvement in the nefarious activities that made her the center of the affair.

Sherlock Is the Best Spy

Hiding in a blackmailer base to destroy all evidence, or looking for the tutor and his daughter who runs it, Sherlock is the best spy there at his age. He may be 14 years old but he gets what people didn’t dream of twice in his life. In the process, he also manages to solve his first case in which he helps the police catch the real culprit instead of the false culprits.

Firestorm may not be as good as those before, but they certainly take your image and put you on the edge of your seat. It ends in a mountain, but not after Holmes has defeated all the cliffhangers in the book, proud of his teacher, and saved his violin tutor, who was also with him on his trip to Edinburgh.

Solves The Mystery Of ‘Dead Men Walking’

He also solves the mystery of ‘Dead Men Walking’ which adds horror to it which can be called an excellent detective novel. As you go through this adventure, you’ll find out why Holmes is obsessed with his violin, why he believes he’s going crazy in his later years, and most importantly the thing is, he became a champion of justice when he turned into a professional.

Matty Arnatt played the young Holmes friend Dr. Watson and keeps telling his friend, “You ought to get out more, Sherlock” as Watson said in the years to come. The best part about this series is that we get to know a lot about the young man of The Sherlock Holmes, where he was no different from his children, but he worked very differently with his back wall.

Throw away some clues and codes and you have a mystery that even the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is proud of. Overall, this novel is a great way to recall the past and learn more about Sherlock Holmes than you can find anywhere else. Fans of Sherlock Holmes will love this series, while potential fans will have to read all the books to find out what he’s missing!

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