Body Clock: Common Habits That Deprive You of Good Sleep

Like the clock on the wall, the cells inside our body also have their own 24-hour timeline, if in that order, our body clock is helpful in protecting against mental and physical illnesses.

And our sleep plays a very important role in helping to keep the body clock active.

But just one night’s sleep is enough to increase the risk of various diseases.

However, lack of sleep is not only due to your work or busy schedule but there are some habits that affect good sleep and surprisingly these are habits that are very easy to avoid or people do not harm them. Understand

Here you will learn about the habits that affect sleep.

Use the Screen Before Bed

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This is a habit that is very common among today’s youth, i.e. using a smartphone, tablet or laptop after going to bed, but as a result, it affects the body clock system which regulates the sleep cycle.  According to a study, looking at the screen of a phone or a device before going to bed can cause the pupils to be exposed to bright light, which in turn interferes with the production of the sleep-promoting hormone melanin. Remove screens from yourself hours ago.

No Sleeping Habits

Body Clock: Common Habits That Deprive You of Good Sleep

When your sleep time or routine is not fixed, it also changes the order of the body clock and the body becomes prone to viral infections or depression. According to medical experts, there should be continuity in sleep time which is necessary for the cycle of the body clock, but changing the daily sleep time affects the quality of sleep by affecting this cycle. In simple words, there should be daily sleep time. And there should be a time to get up in the morning.

Clutter in the Bedroom

Body Clock: Common Habits That Deprive You of Good Sleep

You may be surprised to learn that the room you sleep in can also be an obstacle to getting a good night’s sleep, but medical experts say that clutter or clutter around the bed can cause the brain to wander. It becomes difficult to sleep.

Exercise Shortly Before Bedtime

Although exercise helps with sleep routines, doing it shortly before bedtime can cause problems. According to medical experts, avoid exercising 2 to 3 hours before bedtime as it stimulates the brain, but do exercise daily, even if it is only a 20-minute walk, as it helps you sleep.

Eat Shortly Before Bed

Eating at least 3 to 4 hours before bedtime should be avoided. According to medical experts, eating shortly before bedtime can also affect sleep, as the stomach acid builds up after eating and this When you lie down to sleep, the acidic effects are felt in the throat, which deprives you of sleep.

Going To Bed Too Late

The ideal practice is to go to bed after dark and wake up at sunrise, but sleeping late at night has a negative effect on health. The body clock uses light and darkness for its cycle, but when darkness is ignored, this natural rhythm of the body is damaged. According to medical experts, going to bed at 8 pm and getting up at 5 am is the most effective time frame. But if that’s not possible, go to bed at 12 o’clock.

The Habit Of Making Up For Lack Of Sleep On Vacation

Most people do not get enough sleep throughout the week and try to make up for the lack of it during the weekly holidays, but this habit is not very beneficial for health but is destructive to the body’s sleep cycle because If you stay in bed until noon on a Sunday, you will continue to change bedding that night.

Brushing Teeth Just Before Bed

Body Clock: Common Habits That Deprive You of Good Sleep

Of course, you should brush your teeth at night, but you should avoid doing this for a few minutes before going to bed, because it removes the drowsiness on the brain, while the mint flavor in the toothpaste also enhances this feeling. It is best to do this an hour or two in advance.

Use Of Painkillers

Body Clock: Common Habits That Deprive You of Good Sleep

Not surprisingly, pain makes sleep difficult, but swallowing pain pills shortly before bedtime to suppress it is also not a good strategy because it impairs sleep quality.

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