Best Social Media Apps In The World

On this day there will be very few people who do not have an account on social media platforms. Every day people click on many social media apps including chatting, posts, likes, tweets, shares, and retweets. Social media is such a powerful medium that it can make you meet someone in any corner of the world and keep you away from them even when you are with your family.

Which social media platforms do you prefer?

Have you ever wondered which social media platforms forms are the most visited?

What are the most popular social media apps?

Did you know that very few social media apps have over one billion users?

In this article, we will explain which social media apps have more than one billion users.


Best Social Media Apps

Facebook is not only the largest social network in the world but also the most advanced channel of organic and paid social marketing. In the United States, 18.2% of adults made purchases through Facebook last year.

People use Facebook to keep up with friends, family and news using a variety of shared content.

Brands that maintain their presence on the platform use organic traffic for branding. And strengthen their relationship with the customer through social customer service. Marketers can also tap Facebook’s user data to reach new users with relevant ads.

Recently, Facebook has been prioritizing e-commerce shopping through Shops. Facebook is used by 2.9 billion users every month.


Best Social Media Apps

YouTube, the second most popular social media platform on our list, comes with an impressive 2.29 billion registered users. However, anyone can enjoy YouTube content, regardless of whether they are registered or not. Users or not, these statistics do not accurately represent the real popularity of the platform.

It was launched in 2005. The video-sharing platform was originally intended to be a dating service. Its founders reportedly ran ads on Craigslist. To encourage women to post videos of themselves talking about their ideal partners.

But due to lack of video, the site was open for any kind of videos. It was a decision that ultimately turned Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Javed Karim into millionaires. The company not only overcame a number of technical and legal hurdles in its path to becoming the world’s leading video sharing platform. Google also set a target of $ 1.65 billion. This all happened until November 2006 – just 16 months after its official launch.


WhatsApp is the No. 3 social app on the list in terms of the user base, but it is also the No. 1 messaging app in the world. In fact, it was recently voted the world’s favorite social media app (although the survey did not include Chinese users). This may be news to many North Americans, but WhatsApp is one of the most important social media apps in the world.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014 for 19 billion, and it remains more or less a direct messaging and calling app. (And ad-free, as opposed to Facebook Messenger.) Every day, 175 million users in 180 countries send messages to each of the 50 million businesses on WhatsApp. This includes streamlining service conversations and displaying products in catalogs (primarily a digital storefront similar to Facebook Shop, although users must leave the app to make a purchase).

However, Facebook recently announced that brands using the WhatsApp Business app will be able to more easily create Facebook and Instagram ads that allow users to “click on WhatsApp” to start chatting on the app. For brands whose customers are already on the app, the use of WhatsApp for business can be well understood.

Facebook Messenger

Best Social Media Apps

This service of Facebook is also very much liked by esteemed users. That’s why it came fourth on our list. More than 1.3 billion users use this service daily.

Messenger’s earliest form was “Facebook Chat” – a simple messaging feature that was launched in 2008 for a fee. Noting the ability to chat as a standalone app with its unique business ecosystem, Facebook changed the service and rebranded it as “Facebook Messenger”. Years later

Unlike WhatsApp, Messenger owners had no problem introducing monetization features into the app’s core functionality. As a result, Messenger offers businesses an unparalleled level of interaction with their customers and prospects.

There are many ways to increase your leads on Messenger. From automated chatbots that field incoming queries and promote products, to ads displayed in the user’s inbox, Messenger is a B2C or customer marketer’s dream of business.

In 2019, a Facebook survey found that 64% of people expect to send messages to brands for customer service. Messenger features like automated replies, greetings and remote messaging can help make customer relationships more efficient. For some brands, a more complex proposal, such as creating a Facebook Messenger boot, makes sense.


Best Social Media Apps

The world’s most popular photo-sharing app ranks 5th with a total of 1.22 billion users.

Created in 2009 by former Google employee Kevin Systrom, Instagram is the result of an incredibly diligent analysis of the current social media landscape.

As of April 2012, the month Facebook acquired it for $ 1 billion, Instagram had grown to 35 million users. It had 80 million users three months later. By June 2016, it had reached a record 500 million.

One of Instagram’s most enduring partnerships in the world of digital marketing was the “influential” creation. For better or worse, the popularity of some consumers turned their profiles into “wishful” ones, which soon led to the emergence of a brand new marketing channel that allowed regular people to monetize their reputation.


Best Social Media Apps

The first non-North American app on the list is WeChat, which is very popular in China. Since US social media sites are banned in China, China has its own social media sites.

WeChat is the dominant social network in China, but it is more than just a super social media messaging app. Users can use WeChat to send messages, make video calls, make purchases, use government services, call Rideshares, and play games. According to a survey, 73% of people in China used WeChat last month.

By the end of 2020, 88% of U.S. businesses doing business in China said that banning WeChat would have a negative impact on their operations, and 42% predicted that if the ban were to be lifted. They will lose income. But that did not happen.

Businesses in China look to WeChat marketing to grow their business; whether it’s advertising, e-commerce, or creating a mini-app within WeChat.

Tik ​​tok

Tik Tok Facebook Is Now Ready For Live Competition

Tik ​​tok is arguably one of the busiest social media apps on the list. This is notable for its explosive entry, as it has only been around since 2017. Yet it was the No. 1 top downloaded app in 2020.

Tik ​​tok is a short video-sharing platform with a uniquely engaging algorithm. It is used by people of all ages with great relish.

For example, it surpassed Instagram as the second most popular social platform for American youth in the fall of 2020 and is now set to overtake Snapchat. For brands, tik tok can be a source of confusion and intimidation. What kind of videos should you post?

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