Amazing Animals That Whistle (Pictures & Fun Facts)

In the animal kingdom, many impressive abilities distinguish different species. One such ability is whistling. You may be surprised to know that there are many animals that whistle besides humans, including dolphins, rats, guinea pigs, marmots, caterpillars, and dholes.

This article is about these amazing animals that whistle. Explore some of these whistling animals and learn a little more about why they whistle.

Amazing Animals That Whistle


Amazing Animals That Whistle

The first member of the list of animals that whistle is the mouse. Chances are you’ve heard a mouse screech before. Have you ever heard a mouse whistle? It’s a familiar, lovely, high-pitched sound.

That’s right, small animals are known to make whistle-like sounds.

If that’s not endearing enough, studies show that mice whistle in a way that sounds like a love song in an effort to win the hearts of females.

Sound is ultrasonic, meaning humans cannot hear it without special equipment designed to detect it. It’s interesting to note that mice have evolved to use these incredibly high frequencies to communicate covertly from predators.

We are very thankful for these adorable creatures, as research continues on how rat whistles can help humans treat speech-related conditions.

Guinea Pigs

All around the world, guinea pigs are common household pets. Their big eyes, bulging bellies, and outgoing personalities make them a favorite addition to many families.

Additionally, these animals are highly noisy and, more significantly, very social.

If you’ve ever had a guinea pig as a pet, you’ve probably heard the many different sounds they make. Not only do they roar, chirp, and hiss – they even whistle!

These cute mice make loud noises in a variety of situations, but mostly when they’re excited about something.

For example, guinea pigs may whistle while waiting for food or when startled by an unexpected noise.

Additionally, the frequency with which they whistle varies depending on their personality – some people may scream all day long. In contrast, others may only make cute sounds when feeding.

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Bottlenose Dolphins

Amazing Animals That Whistle

Dolphins are among the most intelligent animals on the planet, as you’ve probably heard. You wouldn’t know; However, these dolphins have their own signature whistles, which they use to identify each other.

Yes, dolphins have sound-based names that are personal to them.

They communicate with each other using these whistles or “names,” usually to find out each other’s locations. Researchers have also noticed that they use some whistles more than others, further corroborating the theory that bottlenose dolphins use the sound to call specific group members, such as kin.

This remarkable phenomenon needs further research, especially since they also whistle in captivity (for which there are no callers).

However, it is an interesting phenomenon, and at the time of writing – humans and dolphins are the only species with specific names that call others!


More specifically, the hoary marmot is known for its loud voice. It is a type of squirrel that lives in the mountains of North America, more recognizable by its nickname “whistler” or “whistling pig”.

These cute mice are so famous that a town in British Columbia was named after them!

If you ever find yourself on the aptly named Whistler Mountain, you’ll be lucky enough to spot one of these beautiful creatures. They are the center of attraction for tourists because of their distinctive sound.

When they sense danger or a threat, hoary marmots whistle. They are curiously shy little beings that are terrified of almost anything!

As a result, if you meet this adorable squirrel – you’re more likely to hear the famous whistle.


On our list of animals that whistle, the dhole is arguably the most unusual mammal. These Canidae family members resemble wolves, coyotes, and dogs.

In fact, the curious animal is known by a number of names, including the Asian wild dog and the whistling dog.

As you might have guessed, this creature is famous for its whistling sound. Research shows that wild dogs usually live in packs (12 to 40 individuals). Yet, when they hunt, they split into small groups.

Dholes consequently use the noise to interact with other individuals in the group.

Unfortunately, habitat degradation has led to the extinction of this species. There are thus about 2500 individuals left in the wild. Your chances of hearing this beautiful creature whistle are slim.

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The last member of the list of animals that whistle is caterpillars. Unfortunately, the caterpillar in your yard probably won’t whistle, no matter how carefully you listen.

However, a very specific species produces this high-pitched sound. This is the walnut sphinx caterpillar or amorpha juglandis.

Keep in mind that an animal’s “whistle” is very different from the sound we make as humans.

Like the other animals that whistle on this list, it has learned to whistle as a defense mechanism. Specifically, it is a sound used to scare off predators.

The walnut sphinx caterpillar whistles when a bird attacks to frighten it off.

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