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NASA has discovered another Planet like Earth

NASA has discovered another planet like the Hidden Earth in the past.

The Earth-sized Echo plant rotates around its star-dwelling zone, which means that the temperature is so light that a rock-making planet can be allowed to provide liquid water, the foreign news agency reported.

The planet, like the distant world, was discovered when scientists were testing the old observations from Kepler space telescopes that stopped its work in 2018 but had previously provided huge data from the stars.

A planet was previously removed by a computer algorithm that misidentified it, but as part of new research, scientists were able to take another look at the information in Kepler’s data and see if it was actually a previously discovered planet.

According to the report, Kepler space is most similar to any planet discovered by telescopes in terms of its size and temperature, although other eco-plants may be more similar in size or temperature, No world could be discovered that combines these two features as well as being in the habitable zone.

To be clear, the planet is 300 light-years ahead of us, which is slightly larger than our Earth and we get about 75% of our sunlight, which means that temperatures can be the same as life. As well as the conditions required.

However, scientists are concerned that its star is going to be red, unlike our own more stable sun; such stars are known to throw historical flames that could destroy any possible life before the planet is captured.

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